My Baby – Week 32

Can you believe your baby is almost eight months old? Your baby may be able to play peek-a-boo, clap his hands, creep or crawl, and may be able to pick up small objects using just a thumb and a forefinger. Some infants may even begin trying to pull to a standing position, while holding on to someone or something.

As your baby’s hand dexterity increases, you may want to start feeding her some finger foods. Remember, all finger foods you decide to give your little one should be cut carefully into small pieces. It’s best to keep all pieces pea size for safety reasons. Also, choose foods that she can gum, or that will dissolve in her mouth without chewing.

You may want to try:

  • Small pieces of a whole-wheat bagel or bread
  • Small pieces of crackers
  • Small pieces of rice cakes
  • Small pieces of ripe, pitted and peeled bananas, mangos, or cantaloupe
  • Small pieces of cooked vegetables, like sweet potatoes.


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My Baby – Week 32

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  1. Profile photo of Grandma Grandma says:

    My grand daughter is the joy our my life. Her smile just lightens my heart. She loves food. I bought her the Gerber yogurt pellets that melts her mouth as she gums it. She loves them and they have different flavors. I feed her many things off my plate but she also eat her baby food. She loves applesauce and sweet potatoes. She has been pulling up and taking steps while holding on to something. I bought her a walker for Christmas. I love these updates because haven’t had a baby care for like this since my children so this is very helpful. She will be 8 months on jan 14.

    • Profile photo of Megan KlayEditor Megan Klay says:

      Congratulations on your granddaughter, Khadizha! Thank you for sharing such a sweet description with us. We’re thrilled to hear you’re finding our updates helpful!

  2. Profile photo of Charmaine Charmaine says:

    Aah my 8 month baby girl is such a happy child, always smiling and loves food. I will need to try more finger snacks for her and she keeps plunging her hands into my plate and stares into my mouth when im chewling lol

  3. Profile photo of RAMATU RAMATU says:

    my baby girl always make me happy.this updates makes me aware of what l should expect as she is growing

  4. Profile photo of Carterz Carterz says:

    My baby boy is so precious. These updates help so much; he is my first.

  5. Profile photo of Carterz Carterz says:

    Go to your account info and change the date he was born. It may have been accidentally incorrect.

  6. Profile photo of Grace Grace says:

    i don’t know why but my weeks for how old he is are off- he doesn’t turn 8 months until the 20th of march, so he is not almost 8 months yet

  7. Profile photo of Angela Angela says:

    i love this stage. my baby is so sweet


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