My Baby – Week 31

At this point, your baby might be able to sit without support, bear some weight on her legs, express unhappiness when you take her toys away, and turn in the direction of voices in the room. She may even be able to clap her hands and wave goodbye.

As your baby gets older and is interacting with your family members more and more each week, you may be concerned about other people spoiling your infant; giving her sugar-filled snacks and wanting to play with her through naptime. It may be a good time to set up some guidelines with any overly eager relatives, but it's important to keep everything in perspective. Though you may have a strict routine that you would like to adhere to, it may not always be possible, and occasional interruptions are not the end of the world.

It's good to keep in mind how often these interruptions will be occurring. If it is a family member that lives far away and is visiting only once a year, you may want to let your little one enjoy the special treatment. However, if this attention and rule-breaking seems like something that will continue on a regular basis, and send your little one mixed signals about acceptable behavior in your own home, then you may want to consider laying down the law.

The good news is that children can easily learn that certain rules apply to different locations. For example, they may be able to watch more TV at grandma and grandpa's house, as well as have more sugary treats and snacks than you would allow. In your own home, however, you can decide which rules are unbreakable. Speaking with generous relatives about what rules you are willing to bend when they come over, and which you would like to adhere to, may give them an avenue to channel their attention and affection in a way that is more acceptable to you.

Babies and Snacking

As your baby grows, it may seem like he always want to snack. Though you might be hesitant to let him snack throughout the day, it's important to remember that he is growing, and three meals a day may not be enough to keep him satisfied. Their little bellies can only hold so much food at every feeding; so in between meals, it's natural that they may begin to get hungry. Just make sure the snacks are healthy and don't fall too close to mealtime. Snacks that are given too close to mealtime really can affect your baby's appetite, and ultimately throw him off of his feeding schedule. Below, you will find some healthy snack ideas for your growing infant:

  • Small pieces of banana
  • Small pieces of ripe peeled and pitted fruit, such as pears or cantaloupe
  • Small cubes of tofu
  • Small pieces of well-cooked vegetables, like sweet potato or carrots
  • Very small pieces of cheese


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My Baby – Week 31

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  1. Audrey says:

    Im starting to wonder if my dauggter is progressing to fast.. she is 7 months.. she says 6 or 7 words.. and knows she can put some of those words together to ask a question.. shes crawls all over the place.. pulls herself up and stands to get things out of her reach . She will also walk as long as someone is holding her hands.. she also trys to eat what ever food she sees. Tho she doesnt get everyrhing she sees. She has been eating jar fruits and vegtables since she was 3 1/2 -4 months.. she only asks for a bottle when she first wakes up and nap and night time.. im starting to wonder if she is winging herself off bottles just like she did her binky.. does anyone have any ideas..

  2. chris says:

    My baby only eats about three teaspoons of food a day, he doesn’t seem to want to eat at all. He is breast fed and seems happy enough.

  3. EbyMom says:

    I like the snack foods but we are still on puréed foods but once I see she s ready for cubed foods I will definitely start her on them.

  4. Grace says:

    i lived with family for a time, and my rules were squashed and it took a long time to regain control… this article has great advice but if you are homeless living with family its hard to tell grandparents off-my child my rules, they have an impute on everything— idk i just felt like i was constantly being degraded even though they had good intentions. it really is very good to set ground rules etc with family

  5. Angela says:

    My baby girl loves to snack on little bits of fruit. She gets so happy, its too cute. I just love her.

  6. vanesa2485 says:

    I agree. Kids no matter how young should eat at the table with the family.

  7. I agree. You should let people know what is okay for your baby and what is not. After all, it is your baby. Not all people have the same rules and eat the same things. And people should respect that. They have their reasons. As for the part about children knowing that different rules apply to different places. This totally true. My niece comes here a couple times a week when her mom goes to work. She knows that at my house there is no swearing (she’s only three, and she gets away with it at her moms house). She also knows that you sit at the table when you eat and drink (they let her eat and drink anywhere she wants to at home). She doesn’t put up a fuss at all. She does knows that those are Aunt Shanon’s rules.

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