My Baby – Week 29

Every week, your little one may be more and more eager to communicate with strangers. You may see her smiling at people in line at the grocery store, or waving to people as they pass on the street.

Your baby is also growing stronger and stronger each week. He may be showing signs of frustration when he can’t do the things he would like to do. And though you may want to do all you can to encourage your baby in his quest for adventure, the use of walkers, a common baby item of the past, is no longer recommended.

Though walkers allow children to strengthen their lower leg muscles, it does not strengthen muscles in the thighs and hips. Walkers have also been found to be a safety hazard because they can tip easily, especially down stairs. Your baby could also use a walker as a step ladder to reach things that are off limits, like the top of the stove or shelves with heavy items, which could topple on top of her, all of which can lead to serious injury.

Safety Precautions

Now that your little one seems to be getting into everything and anything, you may want to double check your baby-proofing.

  • Move drapery and blind cords out of her reach
  • Pad or replace furniture with sharp corners
  • Lock all cabinets at his level that contain hazardous or sharp items, like cleaning supplies or knives
  • Be sure all medications are out of her reach
  • Cover electric outlets
  • Use safety gates at the tops and bottoms of staircases, and in the entrances to all rooms you want him to stay out of


What do you think?

My Baby – Week 29

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  1. rena says:

    I soo totally DISAGREE about not using walkers.. How is your baby supposed to learn how to walk? I watch my grandson and he has an exersaucer and a walker. He loves his walker better. We also have a door jumper. Which we are careful of. Geez, you can’t be afraid of everything in life. The real worries are when they do learn to walk and all of the dangers that can follow that. But babies must grow, so stop try to scare new mothers on here. It’s not fair and it’s Totally not right. Walkers are just fine. Watch your kid/s!!!!

  2. Makayllia says:

    I am 29 week pregnant

  3. Marie says:

    Do this, don’t do that… seriously wish I didn’t read any of this stuff. I wasted so much time making my daugh term miserable trying to be the safest mom in the world.

    Life is short, eyes on baby is a safe baby. My husband travels for work and leaves me alone for weeks at a time. I have to do things. What am I supposed to do, put her in her crib every time I need to eat or pee?

    No. A bouncer or scooter is a great place to store naughty hands for a few minutes while you get stuff done.

  4. Kazmyn says:

    Okay, i’ve gtta state the obvious… If you baby is advanced to the point that they can use anything as a step-stool to reach countertops, don’t you think they have developmentally outgrown the walker?? My six month old still can only scoot a lil in it. He is an average baby. When he can climb, i’ll put the walker in storage. Common sense

  5. Diane says:

    My 6 month old loves his walker. He’s a very quick learner and in no time figured out how to do it. Now he can’t wait to get back in it.

  6. BuZyMama says:

    I started my baby on the walker at 5 months. She is now able to move everywhere. I feel that she is safer in the walker. Plus she has strong leg muschles.

  7. mommajean13 says:

    I started my 28 week old grandson out in a walker but now he just wants to use it as a walk behind. If it were up to my grandson he would be walking on his own and not by holding on to anything as he walks.

  8. Lindsay says:

    I proudly use a walker… as long as you watch them there are no hazards…. its people that dont watch them that have the kids with the toppling over walkers, and the ones that are going down the stairs…..

  9. jennifer says:

    oh my goodness, mines into everything, scoots, rolls, bounces, doesnt seem to interested in crawling..shes trying to stand up and walk..but right now she still needs to be held up & bounces like crazy, my arms get so we bought her a jenny jump up, the jumpers you hook up to the doorway, but we have to put pillows on each side. shes been pretty active for months, she sees something and wants it, she wont stop til she figures out a way to get there, get it. im in trouble..but im glad she wants to.

  10. Grace says:

    articles like to say what other people say/research articles say; i believe as long as you stay nearby and like you said use common sense your good to go!

  11. Grace says:

    my baby is really not getting into much stuff, he has not crawled or rolled very much yet, my spouse keeps wanting to get a walker i don’t think we need one

  12. Sarah says:

    We use a walker, despite what this article states. This walker cannot tip over at all, and he uses it in our kitchen, where there are no stairs or safety hazards. He cannot get around to the stairs in our living room, because we have 1) a baby gate that keeps him out of the living room, and 2) the living room has carpet on the floors that he cannot roll over in a walker. Any parent with even a small amount of common sense knows how to protect their children. Walkers are not harmful; my daughter used one, and was walking by herself before she was 10 months old. My son loves his walker, and has been using it for over a month. Common sense trumps any "everyday family" advice.

  13. Angela says:

    I like the stationary playcenter for my baby. She loves it!

  14. Amanda says:

    I know my boy would love a walker but I got a stationary activity center instead for safety reasons..

  15. Mi says:

    thanks for the info

  16. Maria says:

    thanks for very good recommendation.

  17. lawmaria says:

    great tips and information

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