My Baby – Week 23

At this age, your child is probably chatting up a storm, cooing, gurgling, mimicking facial expressions, and putting multiple syllables together. If you would like to help your child develop her language skills, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be sure to speak slowly and clearly when you talk to your baby.
  • Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Sticking to the same songs or nursery rhymes will help your infant learn!
  • Try repeating the sounds that your baby makes, see if he repeats you.
  • Make reading a part of your daily routine and read actively by asking your baby questions about the pictures on each page as you go.
  • Don’t use only “baby talk.” Stick to the type of speech that you would like her to model.
  • Let him respond! At 23 weeks, he isn’t using words yet; but give him time to respond to your questions or statements, even if it is just a coo or a gurgle.

Keeping your Home Safe

Now that your little one is gaining mobility, it is important to make sure that all of your stairwells are gated and that all cabinets and drawers at her level are properly baby-proofed. Baby gates and other baby-proofing items can be easily purchased online if you don’t have time to run to the store!

The best piece of advice for baby proofing your home is to get down to a baby’s level. Get down on your hands and knees and crawl around every room and into every corner. From this perspective, you may notice a sharp corner or an outlet that you never would have noticed, no matter how many times you checked from a standing position.


Though it may be tempting to invest in a good pair of shoes for your infant, especially since there are so many cute options out there, don’t feel pressured! Though you may have heard stories of some babies walking by 7 or 8 months, most babies don’t take their first steps until around 9-12 months, and they aren’t walking around until about 14 months. Even when they do begin walking, pediatricians suggest that they go barefoot most of the time, in order to allow their feet to develop with a full range of motion.

If you are attached to the idea of shoes, try some of the soft-soled options that are more like a sock than a shoe, so that they won’t impede proper foot motion and development.


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My Baby – Week 23

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  1. Profile photo of Terrissa Terrissa says:

    My five month old says dada, coos n gurgles… she walks with my support although I dont let her do it often for fear of her being boe legged… she eats any fruit or veggie I give her, loves her baby biscuits to gum on and has over exceeded all my nieces n nephews that I have helped watch… all of this has only been accomplished by watching others mistakes n self experience from baby sitting…i feel blessed everyday for her progress n hope my second child will be as matured…

  2. Profile photo of sheenaholman sheenaholman says:

    I was lucky enough to win the baby proofing kit from this site. Thanks!!!

  3. Profile photo of Melody Melody says:

    Mostly, I use her shoes to keep her socks on, when she actually wears shoes, which isn’t often. 🙂

  4. Profile photo of VegA VegA says:

    Lyon is my third child and he is not like my older children. He’s still not crawling, just arms and legs jerk as "floats". He was so looking in my mouth and trying to repeat the words, twists the tongue, gurgles and babbles. He loves being read picture books and show what is depicted in these pictures. He’s cute! I love him so much!

  5. Profile photo of tonyagirl tonyagirl says:

    Roman is 5mths an he is something else.He is saying.. bite,bite,mom ma, an dada.Oh, an if he can get it in his hands.He reaches for everything.He also has learned how to scream.. thinking thats something we are gonna have to work on for him not to do.I love him so very much an even more with every new thing he learns.

  6. Profile photo of Ashley Ashley says:

    I can’t believe how much has changed in 5 months! I truly love how my little one watches people and our dog now. You can tell he’s absorbing and learning.

  7. Profile photo of BMarie2010 BMarie2010 says:

    Ahhhh congrats 😀 I bet Zaiden is going to love being a big brother!! Don’t forget to let him help you out with this new little one. Have him bring you a diaper or "help" feed the baby a few times. That should help with the jealousy issues that will form!!

  8. Profile photo of BMarie2010 BMarie2010 says:

    Oh my wow I know how you feel! My daughter is sitting up, crawling around, into the Gerber 2nd foods (3 times a day), wearing 12 month clothes, and saying a few words now!! Yaknow, it feels like just a few days ago I brought her home and now THIS!!! They really do grow too fast 🙁

  9. Profile photo of ashleigh ashleigh says:

    My 5 month old boy is getting so big! Already double his birth weight, sitting up with his boppy, crawling, cooing, putting absolutely everything in his mouth (especially the things he knows he’s not supposed to have like my phone and laptop), holds his bottle by himself… AHH I feel like he’s going to be talking and running soon 🙁 lol

  10. My 5.5 month old baby is already crawling! Like a fast crawler! And just last week, he learned to push himself up/standing up by grabbing the holes in his gate! They grow so fast 🙁

  11. Profile photo of kmdauria kmdauria says:

    Giuliana is 5 1/2 months and mobile. Rolls everywhere……everywhere. Time to baby proof!

  12. Profile photo of ChangedMomma ChangedMomma says:

    Shelly, I had my oldest daughter kassidy, February 15th last year:) well I got on birth control in May. Surprise!! I got pregnant again. lol. At first i was happy, scared, no make that TERRIFIED!! I mean two babies that young. Yet… I love it!!!! My youngest, Alexa, was born a day before her sister’s birthday on Valentine’s Day this year. 🙂 The best advice I can suggest is, try to get them on some what of the same napping schedule, and take all the trusted help you can get. If you are able to get out by yourself once or twice a week, try to. It may seem hard sometimes but I am so thankful that my girls are so close in age. Talk to Zaiden about you being pregnant. If you are able let him goto ultrasound appointments. Most doctors won’t say no. I know he may be young, but even at this age, let him be a part of your pregnancy too. My oldest trys to help feed her little sister, change her diaper and loves on her all the time.
    That is so cool that he is trying to crawl already and blows raspberries:)
    Congrats again on your son and expectant baby:):)

  13. Profile photo of shelly shelly says:

    Zaiden is 5 1/2 months and already saying Da Da….hes been trying to roll from his back to his tummy "did it once already" during tummy time and has been trying to scoot…hes also talking baby talk and cooing and using his lips to spit rasberries like we do with our tongues!! Eating baby food and started drinking juice too…Im expecting another too…but not sure how far long I am yet..I just found out this past thursday!

  14. my how fast they learn, bella is starting to get more adventurous with her toys, she even puts them into her mouth now!! she grabs all the time for objects, and she even has two teeth now!!

  15. Profile photo of michelle michelle says:

    My daughter is already putting her own pacifier in her mouth, can hold her bottle, sit up on her own and even attempts to stand I wish she would slow down LOL

  16. Profile photo of MommaT MommaT says:

    My littlest litten is so mobile. I dont know what to do! I want him to stay a "baby" as long as pissible..He is my last one…..:/

  17. Profile photo of deeab26 deeab26 says:

    my bABY GIRL IS SO STRONG, SHE try so hard to sit up herself and she be cooing and giggling…I love her so much. I am gonna miss the baby day =D

  18. ahhh, he’s growing so fast!!!!!


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