My Baby – Week 10

Each week, your baby is becoming more and more interactive; smiling, cooing, and giggling may be common now. And, if you put the back of a rattle up to your baby’s fingertips, he may even be able to grasp it and hold on. He may shake the rattle to make noise, and laugh at the result. Keep in mind that each baby develops on an individual schedule, so these things will happen in time. If your baby has special needs, talk to your pediatrician about the best ways to help her with appropriate developmental activities and connect with parents who have children with similar experiences.

There are many safe and fun ways to play with your little one. If you don’t have the following items already, you may want to pick up a: rattle, some finger puppets, and even a beach ball!

Rattle Time – Place the rattle in her hand. Let her shake it as much as she wants, but be sure to give both of her hands a turn. If she isn’t grasping it herself just yet, you can hold it in front of her, or help her grasp it.

Beach Ball Time – He is probably getting plenty of tummy time, but you may want to add in some occasional beach ball time. Gently place him with his tummy resting on the ball. Place your hands securely on her hips, and rock her slowly back and forth. Many babies find this to be a soothing activity, and it may help move around any gas that may be bothering her.

Finger puppets – Remember, the sillier and more colorful the puppet is, the more likely she is to enjoy it. Move the puppet up, down, back, and forth. Not only is this fun, it will help her develop her visual skills.

Even common items that you already have in your home can provide hours of entertainment for your little one, so get creative. Letting your infant splash his hands and feet in lukewarm bathwater will not only entertain him but will help teach him about the world through his sense of touch – especially if you keep an extra soft towel ready to dry him off.

You may also want to take some time to gently stretch your baby. Two great ways to do this are to gently clap your baby’s hands together, or stretch your baby’s arms crossed, out wide, and overhead. You can also gently move your baby’s legs as if they were pedaling a bicycle.

At 10 weeks, she may finally be able to enjoy a baby activity center, with a soft mat and hanging toys. These toys are brightly colored and have a variety of items to captivate your little one’s imagination. Infants especially like items of different shapes and textures, items with movable parts, and of course, mirrors! All of these can be found on most baby activity centers.


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My Baby – Week 10

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  1. I have been missing so much!! I keep myself focus to on my 1 year old. I will start the exercising and tummy time for my boy! I’m so ashamed of myself!

  2. Dulce says:

    I never have time to my self.. My baby is a fussy baby and my partner does not help me. Im so streessed out. When i ask him that i need help like time to my self for a little he get bothered. Im with him 24/7 and i get tired. I need advice?

    • Colt says:

      O you nap with the baby? I totally understand how you feel, I am a single parent. It is exhausting, but I keep myself in good spirits by reminding myself of the bond my son and I will have because of all the time we spend together and all the effort I make to be a good mom. I also have “family day” once a week, its a dedicated day for family to come see the baby, they all want to hold him and feed or change him. Giving me a much needed break. You should also talk to your spouse about his responsibility and you should not feel bad if he seems bothered. It is his child too and if it bothers him to take care of his baby thats his shameful problem not yours. Maybe even have a dedicated day where he watches the baby all day even if you are home, he needs to experience a day where he can see how hard being a single parent is so that he can appreciate it and help more often.

  3. Christina says:

    He’s so wonderful!! He loves looking at colorful lights and toys. So glad to know he’s reaching all of his milestones. He learning facial features and other things. Love my little man!

  4. Dicoda says:

    will be trying the ball. i love to give him little rubs and he seems to like it the first minute or so. he also enjoys when i cycle his legs.

  5. Kristen says:

    I like the ball idea, I’m going to try that with my son (born on 11/8/13) today when I get home from class 🙂 and he loves his rattle already!

  6. MrsPearson says:

    My little one already doing 3 months stuff im so proud of her

  7. i like the beach ball part.i’ll try that tomorrow

  8. Eve E says:

    Our fly-girl started playing with her activity center over a month ago!

  9. Monica says:

    My little man has enjoyed all of these for a while!

  10. EbyMom says:

    The rattle is really working for us.

  11. Stephanie says:

    I still love reading these things to know what to expect. Its for my second but i’m still learning things!

  12. Jodee's says:

    my daughters doin the same thing

  13. Grace says:

    greta ideas i have never heard of ball time or doing finger puppets

  14. tammy says:

    my daughter was born with one.. my son first tooth was at 12 weeks.

  15. my baby is very active he already puts up his head his so strong

  16. Nikki says:

    I wouldn’t call it "normal per say" he may lose it later if they don’t pull it, maybe nOt. But stranger things have happened, and it can.

  17. Nikki says:

    Oops I posted a new topic as your answer…. Check it out 🙂

  18. Nikki says:

    My friend had her daughter born with 3 teeth. They had to pull the baby teeth eventually or surgically I forget. @ a few months. If they do it’ll have no effects on adult teeth but could possibly make for a missing baby tooth.

  19. cstokes says:

    my ten week old had his first tooth pop through. Is this normal, he seems so young.

  20. kiminbill says:

    just got my 10 week old and soft hand blanket with a plushie pooh bear on it he loves it constantly moving it to his mouth and face rubbing it all over and talking to it he loves it!

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