My Baby – Week 1

Congratulations! You did it! Those long months of pregnancy are behind you and you’ve welcomed your little one into the world. Even with the most routine labor and delivery, you may still be feeling exhausted, sore, exhilarated, and overwhelmed. In a moment, everything has changed and this new person, who can barely seem to stay awake, has become the most fascinating thing you could imagine. Enjoy these first days of inspecting her tiny fingers and toes, watching for those twitching sleep smiles, and cuddling your little bundle of joy.

You may be surprised to find that your new baby is just as exhausted as you are. In fact, newborns only spend 10 percent of their time awake.

This week everything in your life has changed and there is really only one thing you need to focus on: getting all the rest and sleep that you can.


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My Baby – Week 1

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  1. Jewell Payne says:

    Lil Jiraiya G. Was born 07/17@ 5:59pm. I was in labor for 3 days both me and Jiraiya were give our. We had a scare because he was born at birth but the wonderful Nursing staff at UNC Hospital (and many prayers)cared for him and he is home with us. And healthy, he was just exhausted Thank God

  2. Megan Klay says:

    8-10 weeks. Thank you for being a part of our community!

  3. moreanh says:

    Baby Jeremiah was born 5:49 am Thurs morning 7lb 110oz

  4. Lynsey says:

    Still wonndering if I will be receiving a welcome box from EverydayFamily? Has anyone else received one?

  5. Lynsey says:

    Had my 3rd and last child on Dec. 30 was not due until January 11. Had pre-eclampsia so they induced me and she was born at 5:44 am. Her sleep schedule definitely fits the timing because she is very bothered from 1-6 am. Went to a doc appt on the 27th and got sent straight to the hospital and stayed until the 1st. Felt like prison. Much better being home and free. She was my tinest baby by far 5 lbs 1 oz when we left the hospital.

  6. Hadeel says:

    I have my baby by 40 weeks on my due date on December 19, and my baby now 11 days its was hard to birth the baby pain too but I did it and I am very excited now with my baby

  7. Alexandra says:

    I had my baby yesterday in my 39 week 1 day exactly. According my Medical chart it supossed to be vaginal labor. Eveything changed at the last time. The mucus plug came this Sunday at 9. I feel good because it means your baby is coming the next days. In my case, I started with headache about 5.30 then I ate at 7.20 and I threw Up at 8.14 pm. Just For cheking I came to the doctor that Night and she detects preeclamsia symptoms. We tried to have a natural deliver but my blood pressure was to High so I had a C section on Monday at 7 am. It hurts. Since Monday I am in labor and deliver Care. The doctors can’t trasfer me to postpartum area because my blood pressure is changing extremely to High then to low and fewer incluided.

    • Megan Klay says:

      Congrats on the birth of your baby, Alexandra! I’m sorry to hear your experience has been less than ideal. I, too, had a C-section and know how painful the recovery is. Just try to take it as easy as possible, be patient and gentle with yourself, and take (and ask!) for all the help you can get. Best wishes!

  8. Tyisha says:

    I think I’m still pregnant, so my baby isn’t one week old yet

    • Megan Klay says:

      Hi Tyisha – You can go into your profile to update baby’s birth date once he/she arrives. You can do this by hovering over your name in the upper right-hand corner of the page and selecting ‘Edit My Profile’ in the drop down. Best wishes for a safe and smooth labor and delivery!

  9. asli says:

    I give birth to my little boy on Sunday 19 of July 2015 I was 39 weeks and 1day I am so pleased that I had him

  10. Nadege says:

    I gave birth to my 8.1lbs, 21.75in baby boy on November 7, 2014 at 41weeks. The Dr had to induced me, little man had no intention on coming out on his own. It was a long 9months pregnancy for me, was on pain medications the last trimester. Such a relief now! !

  11. Shavina says:

    We welcomed our greatest joy, Elijah James, 2 weeks earlier than expected. I’m so excited and can’t describe the with words the joy, love that goes through me. This has truly been my blessing (along with my wonderful husband ).

  12. My Daughter Ruby Marie<3 was born on July 24, 2014 @ 6:11 a.m . weighing 5lbs 11.5 ozs 18.5" she is absolutely thee most beautiful little girl I have ever set my eyes on, she is a true blessing. me & my husband are very excited to FINALLY have our little one here..

  13. CieJay says:

    Had my little boy on Jun 27th, 2014 via c-section after being induced for 2 days. He weighed 9lbs, 9oz, and 22in long. We are so in love and don’t remember what it was like without him in our lives.

  14. stella says:

    I have not yet put to bed. My EDD was 17. I pray to have a natural labour soon

  15. Amy says:

    My son Colton Ryder was born on Friday February 21, 2014 at 11:19 p.m. He weighed 7lbs. 6 oz. and was 20 inches long. He is absolutely perfect! I never knew that my heart was capable of feeling so much love! He is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Truly amazing and a precious gift from God 🙂 I love him more than life itself and now that he is here I feel as if my life is complete! Things in life that I used to consider important are nothing compared to the love I feel for my son! Before I was only existing and now I feel as if I am truly living! Other moms out there understand the fact that I can’t stop smiling 🙂 All I want to do from here on out is give this little boy unconditional love and the best life I possibly can 🙂

    • Meshia says:

      My son Malek Penro was also born on February 21, 2014 and he weighed 6lbs and 7ozs and I can’t imagine my life without him I don’t know how I ever made it without him.

  16. Alana says:

    Every time I change Izzy’s diaper she smiles!! It’s adorable 😀

  17. Sonya says:

    Just gave birth to Mason Kai on December 19th, one month shy of his due date. 4lbs. 10oz, 18in. long. Hoping he gets to come home today! 🙂

  18. Timothy says:

    we just can’t wait to see baby Meeka

  19. Joshua says:

    my girl was here 11/11/13

  20. Danielle says:

    Had my baby boy at 10:05 Oct 16, 2013. he likes sleeping through the day and gets fussy at night!!What do I do?

    • Alana says:

      Some things you can try are: Feeding him at night, nursing, rocking, swaddling, a pacifier, sound machines, and bouncing. When your baby is 3 months, 12 weeks, and weighs 12 pounds, your baby will learn to fall asleep and go to sleep better. Hope this helped!!! 🙂

  21. Had my princess @ 319 am today

  22. my baby is so adorable. and was actually born on her due date *shocker to me*, but I love it:)

  23. aznheart408 says:

    I just had my precious son at 37 weeks and 2 days.

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