Baby & Valentine’s Day Means Some Awesome Crafts

valentines toddlerYour little one is just a baby, but that doesn’t mean you should allow Valentine’s Day to pass her by. More than likely, you have a bunch of baby food jars adding up. You swear that one day you will do something with them, like organize your pennies, or better yet – make the perfect craft. When you see all the amazing things you can do with baby food jars, you won’t believe that you have thrown so many away. For Valentine’s Day with baby this year – how about trying this simple craft that uses baby food jars as the main event?

Your baby is developing fast. Have you noticed that many of the toys you buy him don’t hold his interest? This Valentine’s Day, try your hand at making your baby’s gift. All you need to do is collect several baby jars complete with lid and make sure that they are label free and cleaned out.

The next step is to stroll the craft aisle at your favorite store and look for some pretty interesting knick-knacks to fill the jar with. Small red glittered hearts, tiny pieces of candy, water mixed with food coloring and glitter, or even tiny rubber bouncing balls make great options. Don’t worry about choking – as long as you seal the lids tightly, they shouldn’t get opened. You can partially paint the jars to make them interesting (use primary colors to keep them exciting) and then fill them with the items of your choice. Make sure you fasten the lids tightly, even gluing them if necessary. Then, all you need is a fancy red basket adorned with hearts. Place your jars inside the basket and presto…you have the perfect gift for baby. Your baby will spend hours loading and unloading the basket as well as looking at the jars, each one filled with something new and interesting. All in all, you can make this craft for baby for well under $10!

You can also use taller jars (even plastic containers) and fill them with handmade cards. Put a family member’s picture on every card and write a special sentiment from them to your baby. Your baby will love pulling every card out of the jar and naming the person they see. Then, you can read the loving words and watch your baby smile over and over again at the sheer and simple delight of the toy.

Baby food jars can also help you to make some pretty spectacular (and affordable) handmade gifts for the special people in your life. You can make precious candleholders (tea lights fit inside perfectly) that can be hand painted or decoupaged with pictures to personalize. They make great piggy banks (just be careful cutting the slit in the top), and also can be made into snow globes or air fresheners.

If you are interested in making some Valentine’s Day air fresheners, simply find some lace, some fancy holiday ribbons, and potpourri of your choosing. Fill the jars and drape the lace on top, sealing it with the ribbon for a great gift. Remember, now that you have a baby in the house – it is unrealistic for you to feel pressure to provide expensive gifts for everyone in your life. Use practical and eco-friendly ideas like this that definitely capitalize on the stage of parenting you are at. And there you have it – Valentine’s Day with baby made simple and affordable.

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Baby & Valentine’s Day Means Some Awesome Crafts

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  1. Profile photo of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    I wish I can be more creative but I am really not so good at making crafts 😐

  2. Profile photo of shannon shannon says:

    I think the idea is cute but my baby isn’t into baby food yet so no jars! Instead we are using her footprints to make hearts for cards! Cute, easy and cheap! I bought stickers and cool fun foam hearts to decorate it and for her father I found a poem.

  3. Profile photo of shannon shannon says:

    I think the idea is cute but my baby isn’t into baby food yet so no jars! Instead we are using her footprints to make hearts for cards! Cute, easy and cheap!


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