Risk Factors for Autism

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Autism is a complex disorder that is not completely understood. There are many areas of active research trying to discover what factors may put a child at risk for autism.

The main risk factor for autism is heredity. Autism spectrum disorders are thought to be caused by multiple genes.

Autism is a multifactorial condition, which means that more than one thing is responsible, probably many different things. Autism is also a spectrum disorder, meaning that there is wide variation in how severely people with autism are affected. The term autism spectrum disorder is often used, or ASD.

The main risk factor for autism is heredity. Autism spectrum disorders are thought to be caused by multiple genes. Research is ongoing, looking for the genes. Because multiple genes are involved, and because other factors may play a role, family members with the same genes do not show the exact same symptoms. With autism, it may “run in the family,” but every case will be different, and many people will not be affected.

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If one child in a family has a condition anywhere on the autism spectrum, the chances of a sibling having autism are approximately 5 to 6%. If two children have autism, the risk for another child is even higher. If one of two identical twins has ASD, the other twin has an 80 to 90% of developing autism. Male children are much more likely to be affected than female children by a ratio of at least 4 to 1.

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Risk Factors for Autism

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    interesting reading i dont know to much about this topic is important for me to get more info about this

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    these people fully believe they know more than the medical establishment haha…. who do you think decides what doctors learn? could it be the people who sell vaccines and push pharmaceudicals? hmm.. why did sids rates drop dramatically in japan when the vaccine age was upped to age 2? why does the country with the most vaccines have the most autism? Do you think doctors really research as much as parents? or do they just believe what they are taught, and what they are paid to say? Doctors may very well be fired if they tell parents these vaccines are more harm than good and you are putting your child at risk needlessly by bringing them to well child visits.. a healthy child can be weighed at home. Parents are waking up so sorry to you propaganda pushers

  3. As quoted, ” Again, thimerosal in the MMR vaccine has been eliminated as an issue from a scientific point of view”
    Well with All due Respect, Dr. Anna Kaplan, the MMR is a LIVE virus, Thimerosal was NEVER in it as it would KILL the virus! This is exactly why parents do NOT trust Mainstream Medical Professionals, they can’t even relay the most basic information such as the role of thimerosal in vaccines!

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    Great information on what to look for as far as the autism spectrum.

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    Wow…is all I can say about this article.

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    Wow, some many different things that can go wrong. Not that it matters I’ll love my son either way.

  7. doesn’t everyone have autism?


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