Physical Development

Are you curious about when baby may say his first word or sleep through the night? Wondering how to teach him sign language or deal with separation anxiety? Find the answers to your developmental questions here, with articles addressing the milestones and challenges of behavioral, emotional, intellectual, language, physical, and social development.

Baby Development - Pregnancy
What is Amblyopia?

If amblyopia is not treated, it could lead to permanent vision loss, and treatment tends ...
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Treatment Methods for Positional Plagiocephaly

Positional plagiocephaly is a fairly easy condition to diagnose and treat, with a ...
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What Does Your Baby See?

By Emily Lapkin for Baby + You Infants aren't born walking and talking, so it ...
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Going Mobile: The Facts about Babies and Crawling

Attend any mommy and me class across the country and chances are you'll witness the ...
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How Late Can My Baby’s Eyes Change Color?

Most people used to say the eye color was set by the time the baby turned a year old. As ...
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A New Perspective: Sitting Up and Reaching Out

Your baby may already be exhibiting some skills in the sitting department, or she ...
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