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  1. Profile photo of Keda Keda says:

    I am going name my baby girl ” Addison Rae”

  2. Profile photo of Brianca Brianca says:

    I am going to be naming my little girl “Hunter Isabel” inspired by the actress “Hunter Tylo”

  3. Profile photo of MaToya MaToya says:

    I can’t decide and its driving me crazy. Autumn Skye, Journee Lynn or Zoe Amara?

  4. Profile photo of Teresa Teresa says:

    She is also my angel the daughter I always wanted I thank god for blessing me with her even tho she has a lot of medical problems

  5. Profile photo of Teresa Teresa says:

    I named my daughter Angelina Mae Reyes she only a year old but has been real sick and in and out of the hospital since she been born I hope she gets better n healthier

  6. Profile photo of brittney brittney says:

    I have a 3 year old son named Noah Anthony. I’ve always loved that name and I have a 9 month old daughter named Izzebelle Kathleen which I love as well. I have both of best world’s

  7. Profile photo of tiffany tiffany says:

    my little girls name is going to be ashlynn avery

  8. Profile photo of Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Im having a boy. Would Giovanni be a good name?

  9. Profile photo of Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Salem Burns is gonna b my sons name

  10. Profile photo of Sarah Sarah says:

    I named my daughter Dahlia Cipriana <3 she's six months old, and we are 11 weeks pregnant with our next!!

  11. Profile photo of Rose Rose says:

    I’m Naming my Daughter Katana Ann

  12. Profile photo of Kari Kari says:

    We named our little girl Lyra Adelaide.

  13. Profile photo of Jayqueshia Jayqueshia says:

    I don’t know what to name my little girl!

  14. Profile photo of Tanika Tanika says:

    I am unsure about some names so please give me your input on these, first names Ja’Nai, Jamaya, Jameria, and Sha’Nai. The middle name Keaneu.

  15. Profile photo of lalicia lalicia says:

    I am pregnant and I am 8 months but the doctor said that I might have my baby a little early and I am thinking of a girl name but I want you to tell me if it sound right or not i want my baby girl name to be kaye Williams

  16. Profile photo of Andrew Andrew says:

    I can’t decide i was going with Katie but Kayla has always seemed such a pretty girls name also.

  17. Profile photo of linda linda says:

    cyler jamie mitlowski

  18. Profile photo of Skeeter Skeeter says:

    Hello. I am 43 yrs old and 29 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I lost a twin during this pregnancy due to the Vanishing twin syndrome but seem to be doing extremely well overall with this little boy. I’ve debated over his name with my partner for months now and we had a name for a girl already….ugh… I NEED YOUR HELP…. so please excuse me but I’ll try to make this short….HERE IS A LIST OF THINGS THAT MIGHT DESCRIBE THE SITUATION???…
    1. My father passsed away in 2011 OF CANCER. His name was “Danny Lee”and I was a daddy’s girl.
    2. I was born on my paternal grandfather’s bday and his middle name was “Leon”
    3. Baby’s father and his father, or the grandfather’s middle name is also…”Leon”
    4. My name is “Shelley Diann” and my middle is similar to my father’s first name “Danny/Diann”)
    5. Babys Fathers name is “Shawn Leon”
    6. I’d love to have a first name beginning with the “Sh” from both of our names combined for a boy.
    7. Shawn, the father, is determined to name him “Danny Leon” but I have reservations and am just not sure I can do that…although, it would be a wonderful gesture. It simply doesn’t roll off my tongue for some reason. ??? And I hate that.

    So heres my concern, I need a name asap. We’ve nicknamed him Tigger for plenty of reasons….and that’ll probably stick, but asking for your help before it becomes a terrrible issue. My thoughts are this but Shawn hates it…. Sheldan (or Shelldan) Leon (both my fathers and my first names together as the first name and Shawns middle together?? Please help! Thank you and please feel free to comment as many times as you need until I get this thing right..
    Yours truly,

  19. Profile photo of Jeannie Jeannie says:

    I’m 16 weeks and we hopefully find out the sex in a few weeks. If it’s a girl, we like Lilian Jeanne and Tobias Amadeus for a boy.

  20. Profile photo of Maria Maria says:

    We would like to announce the pregnancy of Madilynn Marie!

  21. Profile photo of ShaElla ShaElla says:

    I’m 17 weeks and I already have a daughter (5yrs old) . She truly wants a little sister and my husband wants another girl as well. Girls a are so much easier for me. In 3 more weeks I will find out if it’s a girl in crossing my fingers. My husband and I both agreed on “Carrington Ren’e ” .it’s so beautiful. And if it’s a boy Carter Lee.

  22. Profile photo of samantha samantha says:

    Need help I’m due my second son in a 11 weeks but still unsure on name every name is like there’s always someone I know that had named there child it, I love the name Riley but Riley and wright don’t go at all and that would be his last name but I want a name that will go with jake please help so stuck x

  23. Profile photo of Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I’m 40week my baby don’t what to come out hu so next month he is coming

  24. Profile photo of babygirl babygirl says:

    I’m having my second baby girl two girls what a trip big sister and little sister seem to bond very good right now let’s see how things go when her journey is over I can’t lie its a bit over whelming to give birth again but I’m not as scared as I was my first time I’m more nervous then anything


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