Is My Child Normal?

newborn baby in blanketYou waited for the moment when you would hold this tiny little baby in your arms. That day is finally here! You may spend minutes, even hours, looking at their tiny fingers and toes. You look into his or her eyes and savor every moment of every little yawn and new facial expression. Then sometimes, you may just stop and ask “is my child normal?”

From the day your baby is born until they are two months of age, your infant will change dramatically. Some things – like that first smile – you may be expecting, anticipating and can't wait to see. Other development is subtle, even perhaps, unexpected.

What does normal development look like for an infant during the first 2 months? There are many areas of development – your baby is growing in many ways every day!

Cognitive Development (thinking skills!):

Even though they are so small, there is plenty going on when it comes to baby's brain development. You will soon begin to see this development taking place as baby watches your face (breastfeeding/bottle feeding are optimal opportunities to support baby's interactions and interest), follows moving objects (time to wind up that mobile), and begins to show that they recognize both people and other familiar items, even from a distance. Young infants will turn their head upon hearing a sound. They will even show preference for sounds they favor (i.e. they will turn their head to hear their mother's voice vs. a stranger's voice). Baby will also begin to make sounds; you may even hear them imitating you!

Motor Development (known as gross – or large, and small – or fine):

You may begin to notice that baby has discovered, or is beginning to discover their bodies! From stretching out their legs, to opening and closing their tiny hands, babies may begin to show their strength, even beginning to raise their head and chest when they are lying on their stomach (tummy time!). Soon, all those toys will be in the hands (and even the mouth) of your baby – grasping and shaking toys is also part of normal motor development.

Socio-emotional Development (social and emotional):

Within the first two months, you will see that smile and it will be for good reason. Baby is becoming social and starting to interact with the world around him/her. Baby will also begin to show dislike through crying. For instance, baby may cry if they are enjoying an activity – such as playing with you – and then the playing ceases. Finally, get ready for some silly movements and faces – baby is beginning to imitate what they see around them!

It's important to remember that every baby is different. You may see some areas of development sooner than others. Of course, if you have questions, contact your baby's
pediatrician. Don't forget to capture the moments…it may seem that your baby is developing from a newborn to an infant in a blink of an eye!

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Is My Child Normal?

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  1. Profile photo of Timothy Timothy says:

    Pretty sure Meeka is “normal”.. Just praying she does not develop any health issues in Life.

  2. Profile photo of Marina Marina says:

    Each baby develops on their own – its hard not to compare to others.

  3. Profile photo of Mrs. B Mrs. B says:

    i love articles like this my little one is coming along beautifully

  4. Profile photo of Angellia Angellia says:

    my baby isnt grasping yet and shes 12 weeks! is this normal? :/ ive been trying to work wiht her on it

  5. Profile photo of LIZ says:

    tnx you so much for this important info

  6. Profile photo of Charavon Charavon says:

    My baby is right on track!!!

  7. Profile photo of oangie oangie says:

    my boy is 6 months going on 7months on the 11 and he sits on his own

  8. Profile photo of Amy Amy says:

    Kids grow up so fast

  9. Profile photo of ketta ketta says:

    i would like for my kids name to be different

  10. Profile photo of Valerie Valerie says:

    🙂 What is "normal" anyways? Everyone is different!

  11. One thing is for sure time goes by so fast, I feel like it was just yesterday when my son was born and now he is almost 8 months and moving fast. I am trying to capture each moment so I will not forget. LOVE HIM!!!!!

  12. Profile photo of Jess1477 Jess1477 says:

    love my babies big smile!


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