Development Concerns

Do you feel like your baby isn’t reaching important milestones on time? Are you seeing behaviors in your baby that you weren't expecting? It’s natural to worry about your baby. Use the articles below to help you decide whether your concerns deserve a second look.

Development Concerns - Baby
Is My Child Normal?

You waited for the moment when you would hold this tiny little baby in your arms. ...
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Risk Factors for Autism

Autism is a complex disorder that is not completely understood. There are many areas of ...
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Separation and Stranger Anxiety

Babies go through many stages of social development, just as they go through phases of ...
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Is Something Wrong with My Baby?

During the first year of life, there are all sorts of milestones and ...
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Flat Head (Positional Plagiocephaly)

Positional Plagiocephaly is the development of a flat area on a baby's skull. It ...
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