Development Concerns

Do you feel like your baby isn’t reaching important milestones on time? Are you seeing behaviors in your baby that you weren't expecting? It’s natural to worry about your baby. Use the articles below to help you decide whether your concerns deserve a second look.

Development Concerns - Baby
5 Strategies to Break the Mommy (or Daddy) Obsession

Second place sounds like a win, until it refers to parenting. It’s fairly common for ...
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Sensory Processing Disorder

Did you know? At least 1 in 20 children are suffering from a Sensory Processing Disorder ...
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Mental Retardation (and Other Pervasive Developmental Disorders) and Your Baby

New parents tend to worry about their children. They are constantly ...
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Pacifier or Thumb?

Welcome to one of the greatest debates in parenthood – should you give baby a ...
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Stranger Anxiety with Caregivers

I was pretty lucky. My daycare providers, Maureen and Kristy, were ...
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Welcome to parenthood. As if there wasn't enough to worry about already, you ...
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