Are You Afraid? Top Fears of Parents

child holding hands with parentsWhen President Roosevelt remarked, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” he obviously wasn't talking about parenthood.

Before you became a parent, life may have seemed a little more in control. Have you had new fears develop since the day you found out you were expecting or the day you held your baby in your arms? You're not alone.

What scares you most? If you're like many parents, the following might be some of the things that haunt you the most:

  • Will my child be healthy and “normal?” If not, what will I do? What if they get sick?
  • What if I'm not a good parent? Will I “mess up” this child? What if I am not doing the right things?
  • Do I/we have enough money to take care of our child? How will we make ends meet?
  • What will happen to the relationship I have/had with my spouse or significant other? Will it change with a baby in our lives? How? What if we drift apart?
  • How will I continue with a career? Can I continue with my job? How will I be able to balance everything?
  • What if I get sick or die? I don't want to leave my child. What would happen to them?

Having fears is normal. It's important to acknowledge them, but also be able to keep them in perspective with your daily activities.

If you feel overwhelmed or consumed with one fear or another, it's time to reach out for a hand or an ear. If you don't feel comfortable sharing with a friend or family member, reach out to a professional resource. Not sure where to start? Contact your family practitioner.

Find ways to work through your fears. Exercise can be a fabulous way to lift your spirits and calm your mind. Can't find time to exercise? Load up the munchkin in the stroller and get out in the neighborhood (walking is a great form of exercise!).

Finally, tackle your fears head on. There is no reason to expect the worst. Look around you. Hopefully you will see models for happy, healthy families. If and when you do hit a “bump in the road,” get the help you need. You're sure to find you're not alone in this crazy journey called “life.”

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Are You Afraid? Top Fears of Parents

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  1. mommy nhoj says:

    The last one is my greatest fear and another one is the second. But my husband would always say: Why would you think of that! We will be fine!

  2. Dario says:

    I do worry something might go wrong..

  3. I think most parents go through this stage where they are afraid of something happening to their child or something being wrong.

  4. HMomOf4 says:

    I have had just about every one of these. And now that im on baby number two, they are happening all over again!

  5. Kevryn says:

    Its natural to feel these things. Its what makes us human. The world is made up of what ifs. As long as you do your best to give your child the most in life you have done your job

  6. Kay Leinen says:

    I think everyone has felt this way, whether they are a mother or a father. This is good to put out there, it makes the subject less taboo.

  7. Good to know I’m not crazy for feeling some of these


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