Agile Parenting: Let Your Kids Pick the Punishments!


The first few sentences of what you're about to read may seem really boring and irrelevant. But bear with me—it will all make sense, and it could potentially change how you parent your children forever!

Basically, the agile programming method works on the principle that if you give children more control, you'll be more in control when it comes to parenting them. Sounds pretty enticing, right?

Wikipedia says agile software development is “software development methods based on iterative and incremental development where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams [that promote] adaptive planning, evolutionary development/delivery, time-boxed iterative approach[es], and … rapid and flexible response[s] to change.”

And this relates to you how …?

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Well, the “agile programming method,” though concerned with computer-stuff-I-don't-really-understand by definition, has been applied to parenting and with considerable success. To parent with “agility” means to be constantly adapting your parenting and family life according to how it's working. For example, if dad can't make it to family dinner—no problem! Have family ice cream time a few hours later or family breakfast the following morning.

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Agile Parenting: Let Your Kids Pick the Punishments!

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