Tips for Effectively Administering Medicine to Your Toddler

kid covering mouthFun and games with medicine is all good, but what can you do when a toddler may be too sick or disinterested for you to play games? What can you do to ensure the medicine gets swallowed? Here are some tips:

  • Use a syringe if a spoon doesn't work or use a spoon for a syringe-averse kid.
  • Aim the medicine for the back of the mouth, where it's less likely to taste bad and less likely to spill out.
  • Always ensure the child is upright when taking medicines.
  • If possible, mix the medicine with meals or a strong liquid such as juice. Do this only under doctor advisement.
  • Walk your child through the steps of administering the medicine so he/she is prepared.
  • Let your child know that the medicine will help him/her feel better by making the sniffles (or the coughing, itchiness, or achiness etc.) go away.
  • When all else fails, use force. You will need someone to hold the child's flailing arms and legs, while you hold the child's nose (so that he/she is forced to breathe and cry through the mouth) so that you can administer the medicine. The use of this kind of force is justified when it's a question of health, preventing complications, and saving lives.

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Tips for Effectively Administering Medicine to Your Toddler

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  1. Profile photo of LIZ says:

    shes is so cute when i give her the spoon she things is food and when she taste it she make so funny faces

  2. Profile photo of MAMASEXXY MAMASEXXY says:



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