Ab Exercises for New Moms

woman doing ab exercisesIf you are concerned about the condition of your tummy after your baby is born, don't worry; you are definitely not alone. Our stomachs bear the brunt of the myriad of changes and trials that our bodies are put through, and therefore, we notice it the most. So how do we take those first steps towards trimming the flab?

First step – talk to your doctor. On occasion, during birth, your abdominal muscles may split down the middle, and you need to give your muscles time to knit themselves back together. Otherwise, as long as you go slowly, you should be fine. If ever you feel a sharp pain or discomfort, you may want to take a few days off.

Now get yourself ready – find a soft place to lie down, such as a plush carpet or an exercise mat. Set aside a few minutes each day to do your abdominal exercises, and you will soon see a noticeable difference in the mirror and on the scale.

Phase One: Crunch and Hold

Yes, the good old crunch with a small modification. While this is probably everyone's least favorite exercise, it is great for toning your abs and is easily adjusted to suit different fitness levels. Start out by lying on your back with your legs up straight in the air. Gently place your hands behind your head with your elbows on or near the floor. Contract your muscles, and lift your head and shoulders off the floor keeping your elbows parallel with your ears. Don't push it; as soon as you feel it in your abs, stop. Hold that position for 10 seconds. Begin by repeating the exercise 5 times. As your abdominal muscles become stronger, you should increase the number of repetitions up to 10 times.

As your abs start to get stronger, you will be able to lift your shoulders higher, but ensure your lower back remains on the floor. To target different muscle groups, try raising your left shoulder off the floor; then reach your left hand toward your right ankle and vice versa. By changing your routine, you target all of your abdominal muscles and keep it from getting boring.

Phase Two: Leg Raises

One you have developed a good base for your stomach muscles, you can start to expand your regime to increase the effectiveness. Leg raises let you target all muscle groups in the abdomen, and you can vary the leg raises to keep it interesting.

Lay on your back with your legs slightly bent and arms out to the side in a T position. Slowly raise your legs off the ground by 6 inches while pressing your lower back into the floor. Hold for 10 seconds, and then lower your legs back down. Repeat this 10 times. When you can manage this easily, you can start varying the routine. Try holding your legs off the ground and doing crossovers, scissors, or a bicycle kick. After a couple months of practice, see if you can do the whole routine at once and combine it with your crunches for an ab-blasting experience.


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Ab Exercises for New Moms

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  1. Profile photo of Marina Marina says:

    Will start working out my abs. as there is still some flab in in abs. still.

  2. Profile photo of Cathy Cathy says:

    I’ve been trying to stay on my workout schedule to get back in shape this about workout definitely helps! Always remember ladies that you are beautiful no matter what and no matter how your body looks remember it created something even more beautiful. In time and with hard work we can get back in the shape we wont! Go for it!!!!

  3. Profile photo of Helene Helene says:

    I am working on my abs.. this was an encouraging article! Thank you 🙂

  4. Profile photo of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    When can I ever do this exercise again?! I feel so lazy! 🙂

  5. Profile photo of Charavon Charavon says:

    boo I hate working abs!

  6. Profile photo of EbyMom EbyMom says:

    Am definitely going to try this exercise this morning.I have been trying to tone my abs since my baby was born but nothing seems to be working. I will give this a try.thnx

  7. Profile photo of sheenaholman sheenaholman says:

    Eww even the thought of exercise is making me tired!

  8. Profile photo of Anastacia113 Anastacia113 says:

    Wow my body hurts from these crunches maybe that means its working.

  9. Profile photo of Melody Melody says:

    I’ve been doing crunches and leg lifts, but I’m still having a hard time connecting with my lower abs. Sigh. I probably just need to be patient.

  10. Profile photo of tammy tammy says:

    thanks for the info!

  11. Profile photo of alisha alisha says:

    this sounds great!i still have some to lose and would like to lose a little more.thanks!

  12. Profile photo of Angela Angela says:

    I like these tips. I want to get rid of my baby weight. I still have 8 pounds to lose.


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