A Husband’s Guide to Child Birth

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Remember the 1989 comedy, “Look Who’s talking?” It will probably never be called one of the greatest movies of all time, but there is no denying the comedy in Bruce Willis’s voice as the mental “voice” of a newborn baby. Just after Willis’s character is born, his mother (Mollie) and the cabby who got her to the hospital (James) have the following conversation:

James: You don't look so hot.
Mollie: Why don't you try squeezing something the size of a watermelon out of an opening the size of a lemon and see how hot YOU look?
James: Ouch! Guess I'd better call my mother more often!

Why doesn’t everyone reading this take a moment to call and thank their mothers? (I’ll be right here when you get back.) Honestly, we have a lot to be thankful for to those women willing to birth children. This is not a simple task.

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As with anything in life, a friend and support can be a great help in a successful child birth. As a man never having experienced anything quite like pregnancy or child birth, it is important to remember the following two things.

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A Husband’s Guide to Child Birth

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  1. Profile photo of Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Great read for fathers-to-be

  2. Profile photo of Andy Andy says:

    Thanks for all the kind comments. My wife and I have had 4 children at home and have had wonderful experiences with it. I hope that Dad’s get to support their wives and share the miracle of child birth!

  3. Profile photo of Phammom Phammom says:

    Sending this to my husband.

  4. Profile photo of PamelaPlus3 PamelaPlus3 says:

    I agree!! I think they should all read this!!

  5. Profile photo of katherine katherine says:

    My husband is brave he cut the cord

  6. Profile photo of Kesha Kesha says:

    my baby father needs to read this

  7. Profile photo of verochka31 verochka31 says:

    my husband is a trooper………………in 7 weeks he will witness his fifth c-section and does well through them…………….

  8. Profile photo of Aimee Aimee says:

    Any ideas on how to keep my man from fainting in the deliver room? LOL! He has a hard time now with blood.

  9. Profile photo of melissa melissa says:

    My enjoyed this one as well

  10. Profile photo of Angelwings Angelwings says:

    He has his ideas and I have mine, his: I do not want to be in the room.
    Mine: I wasn’t the only one present with the creation, I wont be the only one with delivery!.

  11. Profile photo of Julie Julie says:

    I am having a hard time getting my husband to do research on pregnancy and childbirth. He thinks that he will be able to handle it when it comes, but I am a little worried that he might not.


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