6 Fearless Job-Hunting Rules for Modern-Day Working Mothers

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With all the bleak news about unemployment and lack of new jobs on the market, job hunting isn't easy for anyone. Add to that a home and family to take care of, and being a modern-day working mom is downright difficult! Difficult is not the same as impossible, however, and with a little hard work and some tips from us, you're sure to find a job that's both fulfilling and family friendly.

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1. Look the Part

Whether you're transitioning from one job to another, or you've been out of the workforce for 10 years, employers are looking for professionalism. Take the time to present yourself the way you want to be seen anytime you're meeting with a potential employer in person. Forbes has some great tips for dressing for a job interview here.

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2. Get Connected

Job seekers have been told that networking is essential for decades. However, the way we network has changed significantly over the past 10 years or so. Working Mother suggests using LinkedIn in your job search, but the online networking doesn't end there. Think Twitter, Facebook, and basically any other social media that companies use. 

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3. Get the Basics Down

While it might sound rudimentary, it's a tried-and-tested tip. Make sure your resume is English-teacher approved (in other words, no spelling or grammar mistakes), show up to appointments on time, and do your research about a company before you interview to fill a position at that company.

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4. Use Your Resources

The great thing about job hunting being a somewhat difficult endeavor (or at the least, it's not the most fun of experiences) is that there are professionals out there whose sole job is to help you in your search! Many communities and local schools offer career-oriented resources, from resume building to mock interviews. Many of these are even free! 

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5. Use Your Time Wisely

Let's face it, you're a busy woman! You have much better things to do than to spend hours each day sending out dozens of resumes and cover letters. Good news. Career experts say that it's better to focus on quality than quantity, anyways! When you find a job you're really interested in, take the time to examine their requirements fully and tailor your resume and cover letter specifically to that job. It might be just enough to make you stand out from the competition.


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6. Sell Yourself

No matter how much work experience you have—or don't have—it's important to show employers what you can bring to the table that no one else can. If you have specialized experience in your field, say so! If you've worked in a variety of positions and your talents are better rounded, accentuate that!

While finding a job can be a full-time job in itself, a little persistence and hard work goes a long way. Whether you want some extra income or just a new challenge, finding a rewarding job is entirely within your power! 

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6 Fearless Job-Hunting Rules for Modern-Day Working Mothers

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