5 Best Apps for Working Moms

If you’re a working mom, you know how difficult it is to balance your personal and professional lives. When your week feels like a blur of conference calls, car rides, and restless nights, it can be hard to be productive. Here are the five best apps to make your life a little easier!

1. Intuition+: Mom’s Personal Assistant – Free

Designed with busy moms in mind, Intuition+ keeps track of all your shopping lists, things to do, and appointments. You can even separate to-do lists into different categories and grocery lists by store! No more climbing into bed at night only to have a moment of panic as you realize you forgot to do something that day.

2. Snapp!– Free

Snapp! is a networking app that lets you put business contact information into your phone in 10 seconds, according to the iTunes App Store. After adding a new contact to your phone, Snapp! automatically sends him or her an email with your contact information, social media links, and even a short business brochure.

3. Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader – Free

Are you tired of saving receipts, only to lose them later? Just take a picture of your receipt and Shoeboxed will fill in the date, payment type, store, and total money. Shoeboxed can create and email expense reports instantly, so you’ll never have to worry about lipstick-stained receipts crumpled at the bottom of your purse again.

4. Dropbox – Free

Dropbox allows you to access all of your documents, photos, and videos from anywhere. You never have to panic if you lose your iPhone or computer, because all of your important files can be stored in this app. Dropbox also allows for easy sharing between phones and iPads!

5. aTimeLogger – Free

By the end of the day are you asking yourself where all your time went? aTimeLogger allows you to keep track of how you’re spending your time in 14 different categories, including housework, transport, and work. This app also organizes what you do during the day into daily, weekly, and monthly statistics so you can optimize how you use your time!

The key to staying on top of things is organization. With these five apps you’ll be able to keep track of your finances, to-do lists, contact information, documents, and time management with a lot more ease!

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5 Best Apps for Working Moms

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  1. Gagandeep says:

    Great article. I have researched on a lot of pregnancy and parenting apps. So far the best I have come across is BabyBerry. Its hands down the best pregnancy and parenting app I have ever come across. It is available free of cost and its simply amazing and supereasy to use ! Well categorized, credible & personalised content, fabulous user interface and best advice from experts. Some of the key features are vaccination schedules, developmental milestones, WHO growth charts, health records and free answers to your queries. I strongly recommend you all diligently use the app to manage your pregnancy and track your child’s growth.

  2. Christina says:

    I tried to find the intuition + app but couldn’t. I was wondering if it was under another name? TIA

  3. Kari says:

    With my overwhelmingly large to do list, I’d be afraid everything would pop up at once, and that would cause me to forget even more than I already do. Time to sit with the husband and do some dividing of responsibilities.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Here is another great app to add to the list! It’s called Ringya. It’s an iPhone app that lets you snap a picture of a contact list (like for your kid’s classmates/teammates/friends, or even for your work colleagues) and then the app creates a digital contact list called a “ring” for you. No typing!! Or, you can email the contact list to Ringya and they will do all the work for you. Ringya keeps the context of the information so you can stay organized and on top of things, and you don’t need to worry if you are stuck in traffic and need an important number or if you routinely lose important papers! Ringya also lets you store contact “rings” without cluttering up your phone’s contact feature. The other great part about Ringya? If someone from one of these lists calls you, your phone’s caller id will show you the context, so you can sound totally on top of things when you answer the phone! And, of course, its free! You can also easily share the “rings” that you create with other people, making their lives easier as well. And saving some trees! Check it out!


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