4th of July Photo Shoot Ideas for Your Baby

4th of july babySmile! As fireworks light up the sky, parents all over the world grab their cameras and begin to snap pictures. And what could be more fun than holding a 4th of July photo shoot with your baby? If you are looking for some creative, fun ways to capture this year's 4th of July events on film, these ideas should get the photographer in you clicking.

  • Scout the perfect location. When heading out for a photo shoot, keep a few things in mind. Textured backdrops make great photographs; so if you can locate an old wall with exposed brick or a door with chipped paint, try a few snapshots in front of each.
  • Check the sun. Head out early in the morning or later in the evening, right after dawn or just before dusk, to capture photos in the best light. Bright afternoon light can wash out photographs, but the warmer colors of early morning and early evening keep the pictures warm.
  • Prop it up. You might want to drag along a wagon to help carry all the equipment; and then you can use the wagon as a perfect prop once you're on location. Small flags, often found at the dollar store, could be used to decorate the shoot, as could summertime objects like small watermelons and picnic baskets.
  • Dress the part. Head out with a variety of outfit changes. You never know what you'll find when you get to the spot, and you don't want your baby dressed in the same color as the backdrop because she'll blend in with the scenery. Think of cute dresses and hair bows for girls and denim shorts with festive shirts for boys. Hats and sunglasses scream summer, too.
  • Prepare for nighttime shots. Want to take photos of your baby in front of the fireworks display? Shooting in low light has its obstacles. Pictures can blur in the darkness when not enough flash is used, so you may want to use a tripod for capturing the best shot. A dark sky, combined with dark clothing, would make your baby blend with the scenery, so consider this before snapping pictures.
  • Read up on photography beforehand. Having a solid understanding of flash, shadows, and film speed – even when shooting digitally – will help you get the best picture.
  • Scrap it. Once the shots have been taken, have fun scrapping the results. Use paper, buttons, bows, and stickers to create a 4th of July book, or go digital with your creative efforts.

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4th of July Photo Shoot Ideas for Your Baby

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  1. LIZ says:

    i cant wait to take pictures with her little outfit 🙂

  2. Brittney says:

    Awesome tips can’t wait to do this. 🙂


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