The 411 on Mom Acne

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Those with a history of acne as a teenager or flare ups during menstruation are at higher risk of experiencing acne during pregnancy.

This may come as a shock to a lot of you mommas, but your body goes through tons of changes when you are pregnant. Don't believe me?

Yeah, I figured you'd believe me.

Your belly gets bigger, your hormones are a little unstable, your breasts swell, your period stops, your body aches, etc., etc., etc. You get the idea. With the rampant changes in your hormone levels, you will have an increased chance of having acne—mom acne. Think acne is just for teenagers? Nope. It's for pregnant women, as well.

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Acne usually starts to appear during the first trimester of pregnancy. If you've made it into the second or third trimester, you're probably safe from any serious breakouts. Yes, your hormones are still changing, so there is a chance for acne, but the severity will be reduced.

In the event that acne does start to develop during that first trimester, it is best to stay off the prescription medications or topical creams. As many prescriptions come with numerous side effects, prescription medicines for acne often cause birth defects. Most moms are willing to do anything so that their babies will be healthy, so they avoid any heavy medicines.

But nobody likes acne, right?

WebMD suggests using treatments that are free of drugs that can cause birth defects. Yes, you can wait until you've given birth for the acne to go away, but if you want some help in treating acne in the meantime, this is what WebMD gives for some tips:


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The 411 on Mom Acne

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