32 Spectacular Baby Shower Games


Selecting which perfect games to play at a baby shower can feel intimidating! But the fun and excitement that everyone will experience, due to your flawless selection, is definitely worth it every minute of planning.

Pictionary: Baby Edition


Guess Mommy’s Belly Size


Scattergories: Baby Edition


Baby Bottle Bowling


How Many Baby Things

Can You Name?

Baby Brainstorm


How Well Do You Know


Baby Food Sampler


Diaper Scramble


Dish Your Firsts


Nursery Rhymes


My Water Broke!


Belly Pop’n


Name That Category


Name the Baby Tune


My Name Isn’t Baby!


Who's the Celebri-baby?


Create the Soon-to-Be


Name that Poop


Designer Onesies


Pin the Sperm

on the Egg

Guess That Baby


Baby Scrambler


Baby Memory


Guess How Many


Bottles Up!


Bobbing for Pacifiers


Got Your Back


Thank You!




Toss the Diaper


Pregnant Twister




What do you think?

32 Spectacular Baby Shower Games

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  1. Alison says:

    At my first baby shower we played two games. One was where everyone was given a list of candy and gum names and they had to write me a letter of advice using as many of the names as possible. I had lots of people hope that my “Goober” is a “Smartie” but not a “Nerd.” It was funny and sweet, and a few people threw away the rules and wrote me actual letters of advice instead. The other game we played was one where everyone was given a list of features (eyes, forehead, feet, personality, sense of humor, etc.) and they had to pick whether or not I wanted my daughter to inherit the specific feature from me or her father. Some of those were hard, but it was funny to hear people’s responses.

    I haven’t had my second shower yet, but I’m actually hoping for a few games there, too. I didn’t think they would be fun, but they really were!

  2. jenniffer says:

    one learns a lot and it’s fun.

  3. Ashleigh says:

    I love that there are so many!

  4. Stephanie says:

    These sound like fun 🙂


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