3 Ways to Get 15 Extra Minutes of Sleep

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It’s Saturday, and you have nowhere you need to be. Fifteen extra minutes of pillow time not only sounds great, it seems like a reasonable request. But then, your toddler wakes up at the crack of dawn and your dreams of dreamland are over faster than you can say “Mommy’s sleeping.”

Kids have an uncanny ability to wake up at the wrong moments. I know, because I’ve washed shampoo out of my hair to the sound of a crying baby enough times to tell you they will get you when you least expect it. 

So what can you do to keep your child in bed each morning until a specific time?

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My Tot Clock

This clock is made for this specific purpose: it gives your child a visual cue for when it’s time to get up. The clock glows blue when it's time to sleep and yellow when it is time to wake up mom and dad! These times are adjustable for your specific schedule, and your children won't need to know how to tell time in order to know when they are allowed to get out of bed. This clock also has a red-light feature for a timeout setting and a green-light feature for positively timed events, like “free” time.

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This takes a bit of understanding and may take a little while to get used to; but it will eventually give your child  that clear, understandable expectation you're looking for. It may even get you those extra 15 minutes.



Room-Darkening Curtains

Many children notice that the sun is rising and think “It's time to wake up!” And though sunrise occurs earlier and earlier as summer approaches, our need for sleep doesn’t always adjust accordingly. These room-darkening curtains can help take the variable of sunlight out of your child’s sleep-time equation. When sunlight isn’t a factor, you know your child isn’t waking just because the sun is up. Instead, your child is waking because, hopefully, he is fully rested.

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Nighttime Absorbent Diapers

Nothing hampers a good night’s sleep like discomfort. Think back to your last months of pregnancy. How well did you sleep? Probably not great, right? Constantly trying to get comfortable with your bulging belly and the added annoyance of frequently needing to use the bathroom likely made sleep a fleeting moment at best. Now, think of how your toddler must feel if she's trying to get a comfortable night's rest in a full and leaking diaper.

You may do well to try an overnight diaper, like GoodNites or Pampers Extra Protection Diapers. These are diapers that wick moisture away from the skin and are specifically designed to keep your child comfortable throughout the night and into the morning. If children are comfortable in their beds, maybe they’ll stay there just a little bit longer.

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Hopefully, one of these, or a combination of these, suggestions will help you get that luxurious extra 15 minutes! What methods have you tried to get your little ones to sleep in a little bit longer?

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3 Ways to Get 15 Extra Minutes of Sleep

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  1. Profile photo of Maria Maria says:

    Well I change her diaper. Should already have her bottle ready. feed her when she wakes up burp. Then I play with her a little until she is kinda trying to fall asleep. She is sleepy now.so I put her in her swig. And there she goes sleep. It works for me. Every baby is different.

  2. Profile photo of liz says:

    tnx so much for the info, everything counts 🙂

  3. Profile photo of Joanna Joanna says:

    This was some great info too know .

  4. Profile photo of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    Night-time diapers are indeed helpful!

  5. Profile photo of Timothy Timothy says:

    Great info to know. When I get tired i just pull over and take a 10 min nap.

  6. Profile photo of Rebekah Rebekah says:

    I love the idea of that clock! Where can I get one?


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