12 Reasons Women May Love ObamaCare


Insurance is tricky and it can be expensive. It is important to understand your insurance.

For the past several years, ObamaCare, also known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), has been causing some controversy among states and individuals alike. 

And part of the government shut down, because a compromise could not be reached regarding the law! With October marking the opening of the reform’s “marketplace,” it’s especially important for women to understand this landmark legislation and know how it will benefit them.

It’s Easier to Have Babies

Women should be excited to know that maternity benefits are included under the ACA. These benefits have always been routinely excluded and according to the National Women’s Law Center, an average of 88% of individual market plans did not cover maternity and newborn care before the reform.

Men No Longer Have an Advantage

For the longest time, men have been treated with more financial rewards than women. From higher salaries for the same position to lower premiums for health insurance. Thankfully, the latter is no longer an issue. “Gender rating,” or having women pay more for the same policies, is illegal under ObamaCare.

You Can Go to the Doctor Before You Get Sick

Preventive care is included in the package, which means you can go to the doctor to actually AVOID getting sick. This will end up saving money in the long run; and with no co-pays anymore, there’s no reason to put it off. Services like mammograms, pap smears, breastfeeding support, and well-baby exams are covered at no cost now, among other things.


Less Red Tape

It used to be that you would often need a referral to see a doctor. Now women can see their ob-gyns whenever they need to. They are also allowed to choose their own primary caregivers, and their children’s pediatricians, from their plan’s list of providers.

Your Past is Your Past

ACA outlaws denying coverage for pre-existing conditions. Many times before, women who had a previous illness, such as breast cancer, a Cesarean, and even domestic violence or sexual assault issues, were denied coverage. Now this gender-based bias is illegal.

Money Matters

Some states have expanded their Medicaid eligibility requirements to include incomes less than 138% of the federal poverty level, so more women will be able to access healthcare. Other Medicaid changes include allowing women who are not pregnant and without children to apply and enroll, as long as they meet the income requirements. Tax credits on an income-based sliding scale will be given to those who meet requirements as well.

Caps Off!

There have always been limits to payouts on medical expenses and this ends with ObamaCare. Coverage caps are a thing of the past and because more women than men suffer from chronic illnesses, it’s good news for us! These types of illnesses and unforeseen medical emergencies tend to max out coverage fast, but caps and annual limits are being phased out (thanks to our President).


No Baby? No Problem

For women who do not want to have children, it has become easier to afford birth control now. Contraception is covered under the ACA, as before insurance carriers were not required to help with it and the high cost of birth control or co-pays for it left many women without adequate protection.

Kids Stay

One of the best things about this health reform is that mothers can sleep easy knowing that their children can remain on their insurance up until age 26. For so many, that will lessen the stress of worrying whether or not their child will be cared for if sick. In 2010, the ACA also prohibited the denial of coverage to kids with pre-existing conditions.

Screen Me Up, Scottie!

ObamaCare covers screening and counseling for interpersonal and domestic violence issues and also screenings for depression. Because women are twice as likely to suffer from depression as men, this is something to smile about. According to Depression Perception, 12.4 million women had depression in 2012.

Different is Not so Different Anymore

Members of the gay, transsexual, and lesbian communities have had harder times securing healthcare in the past than those with traditional sexual preferences. The new reform works in various ways to include these community members in coverage.

Baby, It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

Sometimes a person would be denied coverage or “dropped” if they got sick. Similar to being “dropped” from auto or home insurance once a claim was entered. ObamaCare eliminates “rescission,” a policy ending once a beneficiary gets sick. It also demands that at least 80% of premiums are spent on actually providing healthcare.

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12 Reasons Women May Love ObamaCare

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  1. Jess says:

    If I would have known how liberal and uniformed this site was I would have never joined. you have so much good information and good reading, but now I can no longer be apart of this tyranny.

  2. KITTYNOLAND says:

    Biased writing a lot of this is hogwash

  3. Jennifer says:

    Um, yeah I don’t buy it at all, since I’ve actually read how this goes down. Foolish and biased writing. I guess this is no longer a site for me.

  4. imelda says:

    Okay, so I’m loving this ObamaCare stuff 🙂


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