10 Tips to Prepare for Pregnancy

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If you are reading this article, then likely you are in the very early stages of planning for a pregnancy. Many women don’t get (or take) the opportunity to research what is needed for a happy and healthy pregnancy until after they get pregnant, at which time several precious weeks have been lost.

One thing many people overlook when they decide to get pregnant is the emotional factor.

 By planning ahead, you can ensure that you and your body are completely ready for a pregnancy, and that it is as successful as possible.

That being said, don’t feel bad if you are not able to complete all these tips, as your body is an amazing machine and can adapt to all types of situations. Just do the best you can and relax!

Tip #1: Start Early

About one to three months before you plan to get pregnant is a good time to begin preparations. Make an appointment with your doctor for a routine physical and PAP test so they can ensure that everything is ship-shape. Also, talk about going off birth control, as well as any family medical history that you may be concerned about.

Tip #2: Check your Medication

Many medications are safe for developing babies, but some are not. If you are taking any medication at all, you need to clear it with your doctor before you try to get pregnant. By doing this early, you can give your body time to adjust to a change in medication or time to wean off of a medication that may not be suitable for a pregnant mother.

Tip #3: Go to the Dentist

What? That’s right; a trip to your dentist is important before you get pregnant. It may sound funny, but bacteria in your mouth can lead to gingivitis or other issues, which in turn has been shown to result in preterm babies and low birth weights. Plus, if any major work needs to be done, you can get it taken care of before you are pregnant, which will preclude the use of painkillers and anesthetics.

Tip #4: Get Rid of Stress

High stress levels are not your friend when it comes to getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy. Now is the time to de-stress and enter a calm and cool state of mind. Figure out what is causing stress in your life and do your best to change it. Yoga, meditation, writing, and exercise all help with lowering stress levels.

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10 Tips to Prepare for Pregnancy

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  1. Profile photo of Marley Marley says:

    also i was one of those people that believed once you were pregnant you couldn’t lift any weights! haha. this time around i know i can stay in my fitness routine!

  2. Profile photo of Marley Marley says:

    i never knew pregnancy could affect your teeth and gums until i was pregnant with my first. man were my gums really sore!

  3. Profile photo of christina christina says:

    This is really good advice for people who are deciding on having kids. Its true to do the things you want before having child. I don’t regret not getting to do everything I wanted before having my first son.

  4. Profile photo of Moyo Moyo says:

    I wish I got to read this before my pregnancy, but it will sure work for my next one. Thanks.

  5. Profile photo of tamie tamie says:

    it very important to share everything with your partner when decideing to get preg because men have there own set of fears that they don’t so easily share

  6. Profile photo of tamie tamie says:

    the info on taken care of your teeth while preg is very important because being preg takes a lot out of a womens teeth

  7. Profile photo of teresa teresa says:

    lots of good information

  8. Profile photo of Christina Christina says:

    ok im understanding now how all this may work going for my fourth child

  9. Profile photo of Natasha Natasha says:

    So glad I found this site just in time! I am starting to feel so much more prepared!!!

  10. Profile photo of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    Gotcha! Thanks for these handful tips!

  11. Profile photo of TaKeisha TaKeisha says:

    Very good information. I will be using this!!!

  12. Profile photo of Cassie Cassie says:

    This was filled with great information for expecting mother while i was pregnant I had alot of stress and had to find new ways to get rid of it

  13. Profile photo of Charavon Charavon says:

    lots of good information

  14. Profile photo of angelica angelica says:

    all the info here is so very helpful….

  15. Profile photo of JC JC says:

    Good information!! …sandy beach in the dead of winter not do practical.

  16. Profile photo of gfeld gfeld says:

    Taking course to help someone who needs this advice. So far so good. Thanks!

  17. Profile photo of Leslie Leslie says:

    I did almost all of that. I just got down with therapy and got pregnant. Surprise my man.

  18. Profile photo of Leeara Leeara says:

    I think I’ve gained more weight than I was supposed to. But I have been trying to take my vitamins everyday it’s hard to really keep up with

  19. theres alot of info i didn’t know about

  20. Great info for my next pregnancy!


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