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Baby Week by Week

Congratulations on your new addition! Your beautiful baby will go through so many changes in his or her first year, it is simply amazing. Click on each week below to find valuable information on what to expect, as well as helpful tips. Be sure to check back every week or sign up for automatic weekly updates delivered straight to your inbox.
baby week 1

My Baby – Week 1

Congratulations! You did it! Those long months of pregnancy are behind you and you’ve welcomed your little one into the world. Even with the most routine labor and delivery, you may still be feeling ...
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baby week 2

My Baby – Week 2

Hello, new moms and dads! You’ve made it through your hospital stay and the trip home, possibly through your first pediatrician visit. Hopefully, you are beginning to feel like you are getting into a ...
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baby week 3

My Baby – Week 3

Congratulations! Your baby is entering his third week of life. He may have slept for most of the first two weeks, but you have probably noticed that he seems to be more alert and spend more time awake each ...
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baby week 4

My Baby – Week 4

Week four is a lot like week three. Most likely, your little one has her own schedule. When she is hungry she lets you know, when she needs to be changed, well, you can figure that one out, and when she’s ...
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baby week 5

My Baby – Week 5

By week five, your baby might be smiling back at you when you engage her in play or give her a smile of your own. Your baby is most likely turning her head to respond to different sounds and can probably now ...
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baby week 6

My Baby – Week 6

Did you just hear that? By week six, your baby may begin to make sounds other than crying! Infants often begin to make cooing noises during their second or third month. Tummy time may also have some surprising ...
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