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Baby Week by Week

Congratulations on your new addition! Your beautiful baby will go through so many changes in his or her first year, it is simply amazing. Click on each week below to find valuable information on what to expect, as well as helpful tips. Be sure to check back every week or sign up for automatic weekly updates delivered straight to your inbox.
baby week 1

My Baby – Week 1

Congratulations! You did it! Those long months of pregnancy are behind you and you’ve welcomed your little one into the world. Even with the most routine labor and delivery, you may still be feeling ...
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baby week 2

My Baby – Week 2

Hello, new moms and dads! You’ve made it through your hospital stay and the trip home, possibly through your first pediatrician visit. Hopefully, you are beginning to feel like you are getting into a ...
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baby week 3

My Baby – Week 3

Congratulations! Your baby is entering his third week of life. He may have slept for most of the first two weeks, but you have probably noticed that he seems to be more alert and spend more time awake each ...
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baby week 4

My Baby – Week 4

Week four is a lot like week three. Most likely, your little one has her own schedule. When she is hungry she lets you know, when she needs to be changed, well, you can figure that one out, and when she’s ...
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baby week 5

My Baby – Week 5

By week five, your baby might be smiling back at you when you engage her in play or give her a smile of your own. Your baby is most likely turning her head to respond to different sounds and can probably now ...
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baby week 6

My Baby – Week 6

Did you just hear that? By week six, your baby may begin to make sounds other than crying! Infants often begin to make cooing noises during their second or third month. Tummy time may also have some surprising ...
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baby week 7

My Baby – Week 7

It’s week seven! Whether you are returning to work soon, or getting settled in to a routine at home, enjoy the time you have! We have milestones, checklists, and much more for you this week. Milestones ...
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baby week 8

My Baby – Week 8

Can you believe your baby is almost two months old? Your baby’s brain will grow about five centimeters during the first three months. At this age, it is normal for babies to swallow air and pass gas, but ...
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baby week 9

My Baby – Week 9

Can you believe it has been two whole months since you brought your baby home from the hospital? If you are lucky, it is very possible that you will hear your child’s first laugh this week. You may hear a ...
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baby feet

My Baby – Week 10

Each week, your baby is becoming more and more interactive; smiling, cooing, and giggling may be common now. And, if you put the back of a rattle up to your baby’s finger tips, he may even be able to grasp ...
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baby in tub

My Baby – Week 11

By 11 weeks, your baby may be able to turn her head to look at you when she hears your voice. She may also be able to keep her head steady, and in line with the rest of her body, when she is pulled up to a ...
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happy baby in a crib

My Baby – Week 12

Tummy time is becoming more and more fun every week! Your baby could be laughing out loud by week 12, and may even be able to hold some of his weight in his legs if you were to pull him up to a supported ...
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My Baby – Week 13

Your infant is becoming stronger and stronger each week! You have probably noticed that she holds her head up longer during tummy time and may even be able to hold some weight in her legs when you hold her in ...
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Baby girl focuses intently on a book while mom reads to her.

My Baby – Week 14

Can you believe that your little one has already begun his fourth month of life? He is probably babbling and talking to you with long open vowel sounds, like ahhh or ooooh. He may also be strong enough to do a ...
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working mom with baby

My Baby – Week 15

Can you believe you brought your little one home 15 weeks ago? By now, you have plenty of experience with diaper changes, baths, and feedings. In fact, you may even be able to associate the different sounds ...
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Peacefully sleeping baby

My Baby – Week 16

A typical trip to the doctor will include weighing and measuring, to help chart your baby’s growth. Most babies have growth spurts at different times, and just as parents come in different sizes, so do ...
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baby drinking from a bottle

My Baby – Week 17

This week, your baby is actively interacting with her world. Reaching for people and things is now a fairly common behavior. She may enjoy interacting with people whom she is familiar with just as much as ...
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beach baby

My Baby – Week 18

Your baby is becoming stronger and stronger each week. You may even find that, by week 18, your baby can sit up unsupported for some time. If not, no need to worry, he will soon. Placing pillows at his sides ...
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Mom holding baby over shoulder

My Baby – Week 19

Your baby is growing stronger and is sleeping less! In fact, by 19 weeks, your baby may be taking shorter and fewer naps during the day. It’s important to note that at this age, it’s not important when ...
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Happy baby sitting up in her crib

My Baby – Week 20

Your child continues to be more and more active each week. This week, you may begin to notice how coordinated your little one has become. You may even notice that he is now able to pass objects back and forth ...
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Mom snuggling baby outside

My Baby – Week 21

Your child continues to be more and more active each week. This week, your little one may be more vocal than ever! As your child learns more about communication and language, you will begin to hear more and ...
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Mommy kissing baby on cheek

My Baby – Week 22

Each week, your baby’s personality shows more and more. He is probably making his likes and dislikes more apparent, has a favorite toy and a favorite spot in the house. You may also be noticing more ...
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Happy baby with baby food all over face

My Baby – Week 23

At this age, your child is probably chatting up a storm, cooing, gurgling, mimicking facial expressions, and putting multiple syllables together. If you would like to help your child develop her language ...
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Baby girl eating in a highchair

My Baby – Week 24

The big development this week is teeth! Can you believe it? If you haven’t seen them already, they should start peeking their way through your infant’s little gums soon enough. During the teething phase, ...
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My Baby – Week 25

By week 25, you may see your baby showing interest in becoming mobile. You may see her begin to do things, like move from a seated position to lean forward onto her hands, rolling or “bottom scooting” (you ...
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Baby on tummy playing with a blue block

My Baby – Week 26

Infants at this age continue to bloom in their ability to interact with the world. At this point, your little one might be responding to his name, reaching for objects he desires, sitting up, crawling or ...
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Cute baby with a towel on his head

My Baby – Week 27

By 27 weeks, your little one has developed a wide repertoire of skills. She might be able to recognize her name, eat some solid foods, pass objects from hand to hand, combine syllables, sit up momentarily ...
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baby in a highchair

My Baby – Week 28

It may seem like your little one is now getting into anything and everything. Crawling, scooting, rolling… it doesn’t matter how. If he sees something he wants, he will find a way to get it! This is the ...
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baby in a tub

My Baby – Week 29

Every week, your little one may be more and more eager to communicate with strangers. You may see her smiling at people in line at the grocery store, or waving to people as they pass on the street. Your baby ...
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Baby boy crawling

My Baby – Week 30

Your 30-week-old is now beginning to understand dimensional space. You may see him try to sort toys and blocks by size. He is probably also fascinated with his reflection and games like peek-a-boo, where ...
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My Baby – Week 31

At this point, your baby might be able to sit without support, bear some weight on her legs, express unhappiness when you take her toys away, and turn in the direction of voices in the room. She may even be ...
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baby with a toy

My Baby – Week 32

Can you believe your baby is almost eight months old? Your baby may be able to play peek-a-boo, clap his hands, creep or crawl, and may be able to pick up small objects using just a thumb and a forefinger. ...
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Baby boy crying in his crib

My Baby – Week 33

At this age, your baby is probably beginning to understand the word no. Don’t be discouraged if she doesn’t always obey; testing boundaries and asserting independence are signs that your baby is ...
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baby in orange

My Baby – Week 34

It’s important to keep in mind that all babies reach milestones in their own time, at their own pace. By week 34, your baby might be able to stand while holding on to someone or something, play ...
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Cute baby in crib reaching out towards camera

My Baby – Week 35

Can you believe how many milestones your little one has reached since that first day you brought him home from the hospital? A little over eight months ago, your baby spent most of the day sleeping; and now, ...
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Silly baby

My Baby – Week 36

By now, your infant is probably pretty mobile! He might be able to pull himself up to a standing position from sitting, and also get into a sitting position from his stomach. Once he does try standing, it ...
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Toddler boy with bug brown eyes

My Baby – Week 37

At this age, your little one is probably smiling and flirting with everyone he comes into contact with, and is most likely ready for more complex interactions than just waving and smiling. Peek-a-boo and ...
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Little girl in a pink dress sitting on the floor

My Baby – Week 38

By week 38, your baby may begin to attempt standing on her own, even if just for a few seconds! The practice she has been getting in while cruising and pulling up have strengthened the muscles in her legs and ...
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Blue eyed baby smiling and wearing a green beanie hat

My Baby – Week 39

By week 39, your baby may be able to stand alone without any support (even if only for a moment), drink from a cup, play some simple games like peek-a-boo, or roll a ball back and forth to you while they are ...
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Baby boy standing holding onto a stool

My Baby – Week 40

As you know, your child is becoming stronger and stronger each week. As each day passes, your little one is becoming more confident in being able to pull up to a standing position, and more comfortable ...
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Baby boy and baby girl sitting and playing

My Baby – Week 41

Your house is probably full of the sounds of babbling and baby talk. You might find that your little one likes to experiment with volume. Shrieking, and piercing screams may not be much fun for parents, but ...
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Baby girl playing with shape toys

My Baby – Week 42

During this point of your baby’s life, she is probably able to understand simple commands and she may even be able to point to something she would like to have, like a toy on the other side of the room. ...
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Toddler boy hugging daddy

My Baby – Week 43

Is your little one responding to single-step commands? Many babies are able to follow simple commands by week 43, such as, “Give that to Mommy.” In addition to increased comprehension, your ...
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Mom and baby nose kissing

My Baby – Week 44

Can you believe that your little one is almost a year old? Over the past ten months, amazing changes have taken place. Once completely dependent on you, your baby may now be able to get around on her own, ...
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Happy brown eyed baby

My Baby – Week 45

This week, your baby continues to assert her independence. Getting your baby to sit still is probably becoming a challenge, especially during diaper changes! And she is probably attempting to get into ...
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Baby girl rubbing her eyes

My Baby – Week 46

Your baby continues to learn from the world around her and probably becomes more engaged in interactive games, like pat-a-cake or peek-a-boo, each week. You may also notice that she is becoming stronger each ...
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Baby girl looking at a cell phone

My Baby – Week 47

It is hard to imagine that the tiny bundle you carried home from the hospital has turned into this noisy, active, ball of energy that you are constantly cleaning up after. Begin teaching your baby concepts, ...
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Toddler boy painting

My Baby – Week 48

Can you believe your baby’s first birthday is only four weeks away? The past year has been an incredible journey. Not only has your baby most likely tripled her birth weight, she also is probably walking ...
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Cute baby sitting in a chair at a table

My Baby – Week 49

As your child’s first birthday approaches, you may be amazed at all the things he has learned in a year. Waving hello and goodbye may be old hat at this point, and your little one may be saying as many ...
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Adorable blue eyed baby looking into the camera

My Baby – Week 50

It is just two weeks away from your baby’s first birthday! You may find that her vocabulary is growing every day. If your baby isn’t speaking yet, she is probably communicating nonverbally with ...
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Cute toddler drinking from a sippy cup

My Baby – Week 51

Your baby’s first birthday is next week! You are probably busy preparing, but remember, keep it simple! Try to plan the party during hours that your baby is usually awake and active, and remember to take ...
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Baby girl on her 1st birthday with a cake and confetti

My Baby – Week 52

Congratulations! It’s your baby’s first birthday! Can you believe that an entire year has passed since the birth of your child? And what an incredible journey it has been! As your child reaches her ...
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