You and Your New Baby – Ways for Dad to Bond

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    I’ve never heard a father say, “Mom’s get to do everything; they get to carry the baby for nine months, they get to birth the baby, and they get to feed the baby.” But… regardless of the fact that men aren’t extremely envious of the discomfort that comes with pregnancy, child birth, and feeding, they are sometimes envious of the bond and singular importance of a mother in the baby’s life. Fathers don’t need to be envious; they just need to be involved. Because fathers don’t hold the same necessity of physical closeness and connection as mothers, they have to create the opportunities to connect and bond with their newborn children. Many fathers struggle to bond with their newborns because of the lack of verbal communication and interactive activities. Many fathers think the baby “just sort of lays there.” It’s true that mom could feed and nurture the baby without you, but she will never be “daddy.”

    The following four simple tasks are things every father can do each day to forge an incredible bond with his newborn son or daughter.

    {Continued: Look at and hold your newborn}


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You and Your New Baby – Ways for Dad to Bond

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  1. Profile photo of LIZ says:

    they love each other so much and im so happy for that

  2. Profile photo of Ashley2marie Ashley2marie says:

    Were both excited. 08/22!

  3. Profile photo of TNGirl TNGirl says:

    I will see what i can do with my Husband. Its hard for him, i can tell. We lost one 5 yrs ago, it was a boy. He rubbed my tummy and couldn’t wait for him. Now this one is a girl, He finally touched my tummy at 7 months by tickling it. So I took it as His way of started to care. I’m a little worried tho. He just dont seem as excited for this one. I’m worried it might hurt our relationship. I pray and hope not. But he just isn’t very open minded about this one and being very slow on the nursery too. Less than a month to go and he is finally slowly doing stuff. Any suggestions?

  4. Profile photo of PrettyBoogs PrettyBoogs says:

    I don’t have to worry about this stuff with my S/O. He has been drooling over her since our ultrasound he cant wait to be able to be super involved. I am slightly worried i will have to fight for mommy time. lol

  5. Profile photo of Tasha Tasha says:

    I love the bond time with my son and his dad its awesome!!

  6. Profile photo of Katherine Katherine says:

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  7. I love seen my husband read to our son he loves it 😀

  8. I’ve been reading books and singing to my son since he was in my womb , now he’s almost 8 months and he loves books and music too :-)

  9. Profile photo of Dominique Dominique says:

    We are just so ready its driving us crazy any day now

  10. Profile photo of FallenW0lf FallenW0lf says:

    we’re soooo anxious and ready for baby girl to arrive 😀

  11. More note taking… my biggest challenge ever.

  12. Profile photo of chris chris says:

    great article. will definitely take its advice