Why You Should Consider a Homebirth

pregnant woman at homeToo many times in life, things are very cut and dry, and there little or no options. That should not be the case with childbirth. All women should be able to research different childbirth methods and discuss the options with their health care provider to make an informed decision based on their own medical history and preferences. One of those options may be a homebirth. This article is designed to provide basic, honest information related to homebirth, so that you and your partner can make the choices that are right for you.

There are times when a hospital birth is necessitated by the health of the mother and/or fetus. In these cases, it is usually necessary for the mother and baby to be under close observation by a licensed physician, with the potential to perform surgery if needed, due to various reasons that may have appeared over the course of her pregnancy. However, homebirths used to be the only option available; and even with the technological advances supporting hospital births, more and more women are choosing to give birth in their own homes.

These women come from all walks of life, including varying income levels, education, geographic locations, and races. But why is this case? Each couple may have individual reasons; most plan homebirths because they believe that, the majority of the time, pregnancy and childbirth are normal functions of a healthy body. Many feel that this event is not a potential life or death situation and can be managed by a nurse midwife, without the supervision of a physician.

So, what are some of the reasons to have a homebirth?

  • Study after study has shown that the risks of infant mortality are no higher for a homebirth than they are for a hospital delivery. In fact, recent data suggests that it may be a safer and healthier place for both mom and baby.
  • You don’t have to leave home. This is very convenient and somewhat pampering. No driving or packing, and everyone will come to you!
  • Other people can take part in the event. If you have older children or family members that you wish to have present, you are not limited to numbers or ages, as you would in a traditional hospital setting.
  • There are fewer interventions. You have a better chance of avoiding induction, artificial breaking of your water, IV fluids, medications, and C-sections.
  • Less chance of infection. You are used to whatever is in your own home environment; and because you can sterilize any equipment used to help with the birth, everything else in your home should be just fine. At the hospital, you have an increased risk of hospital acquired infections.
  • Less stress. You are familiar with your surroundings, the people present, and you aren’t limited by “hospital rules.” You are able to eat, drink, or sleep when you want to, and there aren’t unwanted interruptions by hospital staff.
  • Options, Options, Options. You and your nurse midwife determine what works best for you, and when. You have the advantage to pick different labor positions and birthing positions. This also allows for more involvement and intimacy with your partner.

The idea of a homebirth is not for everyone and sometimes there are high-risk pregnancies or situations that may require you to have a hospital birth. However, there are definitely many advantages to staying home.

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Why You Should Consider a Homebirth

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  1. Avatar of Missy Missy says:

    I think I would be to scared to try a home birth

  2. Avatar of AspenXIzzard AspenXIzzard says:

    I know the differences and I have also learned about this in school. However I am to much of a pus to have a baby at home.

  3. Avatar of Diamond Diamond says:

    This is interesting. In my psychology class we discussed how child birthing in America compared to other countries is not that natural, especially since it is very rushed.

  4. Avatar of Heatherly Heatherly says:

    I was scared, or intimidated of the unknown at first, but after 5 hospital births, I’ve had the other 4 at home. The article about hits it right on for the benefits. I’ve healed quicker with the homebirths too.

  5. All these option are great but I would be too scared!

  6. Avatar of verochka31 verochka31 says:

    I would love to consider home birth, but unfortunately they do not perform c-sections at home………………………:(

  7. Avatar of Laura Smith Laura Smith says:

    Same here. I’m looking forward to my home birth in July.

  8. Avatar of Laura Smith Laura Smith says:

    Same here. I’m looking forward to my home birth in July.

  9. Avatar of ErinF ErinF says:

    I knew that this was the right option for me the moment I found out I was pregnant. I love the idea of being more relaxed and comfortable at home, stopping the fear-tension-pain cycle that can occur with a stressful environment. I’m very much looking forward to my home birth experience in just a couple more months!

  10. Avatar of grace grace says:

    I might consider this next time I have a baby

  11. Avatar of Kendra Kendra says:

    I would love to do a home birth this time around. I feel it would be such a great experience, more intimate, and beautiful. My hospital birth with first baby wasn’t awful but I don’t feel it was great either.

  12. Avatar of Brittney Brittney says:

    I could have defiantly had a home birth, with only pushing for 20 minutes and not being able to get medicine, but I’m glad I went to the hospital. My son was sideways coming out and my doctor even freaked for a few seconds.
    I like the security feeling of if medical attention is needed it can happen right away.

  13. Avatar of Julie Julie says:

    I would be afraid to deliver at home. I like the idea of having help if it’s medically necessary.

  14. this is interesting, but i still like the idea of my baby or myself being able to get treatment quickly if anything goes wrong

  15. Avatar of KWRAY KWRAY says:

    I have actually considered homebirth with both of my children and have considered doing it with my current pregnancy. However, I read the reviews and got the opinions of midwives what hopsitals and doctors they would recommend and because I’ve taken their advice I’ve had amazing birth experiences. Even though there were things I might have changed about both experiences, overall I was happy that I made my decision to deliver in a hospital with an amazing staff.