When Will I Feel the Baby Move?

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One of the most exciting things to look forward to in your pregnancy is “quickening,” or the first time you’ll feel your baby move.

Feeling your baby move inside you is an amazing experience!

Many expectant mothers wait excitedly for this moment, not only to experience a bonding moment or just the incredible sensation of feeling the fetus move, but also for peace of mind. So, when can you expect to feel your baby move? Most doctors agree that women tend to feel movement around 16 weeks.

However, if this is your first pregnancy, it may take longer. For example, I didn’t feel my baby move until I was 23 weeks along. I was nervous about this, and after doing some research I found that it could take up to 25 weeks for the first pregnancy. My doctor also confirmed this.

However, sometimes you can’t even tell if you feel your baby move or if it’s just your stomach grumbling or a random ping. It may take a while for you to be able to determine if it’s your baby’s movement. Women experience different sensations, so what you feel may not be what your sister felt or what your neighbor feels. It could be a flutter or a jab or a swish. Soon the feelings will become more predominant and you’ll be able to tell if it’s Baby or dinner time.

Once your baby is moving regularly, your doctor may suggest you monitor the fetal kicks. Once you’re well into the second trimester and into the third trimester, you’ll get a handle on what your baby feels like and when your baby is most active. That’s when you should regularly monitor fetal kicks. There are a number of strategies for this, but one easy way to do it is to take your baby’s most active time of the day and count 10 movements. Then record how long it took for you to count the 10 movements.

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If your baby doesn’t move 10 times in 2 hours, you may want to try again during a different time of day, or call your doctor if you notice a significant decrease in activity.

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When Will I Feel the Baby Move?

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  1. I’m a heavy girl….so I’m afraid I won’t feel the baby ): is anyone here plus sized and have felt the baby move?

  2. Profile photo of Diana Diana says:

    I will be 16 weeks tomorrow wiith my third child and I still dont feel any movement….Im a little worried

  3. I’m 14 weeks today, no movements yet, but I can’t wait…

  4. Profile photo of stylist2021 stylist2021 says:

    i started feeling flutters this week and it feel so cool yet so weird I LOVE IT

  5. Profile photo of Alessandra Alessandra says:

    I cannot wait to start felling

  6. Profile photo of Sherry Sherry says:

    Im almost 20 weeks and i feel the baby moving around but not necessarily kicking. This article… http://www.everydayfamily.com/fetal-movement-feeling-your-baby-kick/ says what I’mfeeling is "quickening". It’s feels like water swirling in my tummy. But i only notice it when im sitting or laying, and chillin with little distractions except a little music.

  7. Profile photo of McKenzie McKenzie says:

    I am 19 weeks tomorrow and I have felt many kicks it feels so coolI am so very excited!

  8. Profile photo of jessicag81 jessicag81 says:

    i am 17 weeks and i dont feel any thing but my belly is big

  9. Profile photo of angelbear33 angelbear33 says:

    I’m at 21 weeks and i don’t think i have felt any movements yet?? if so, they have not been very noticable.

  10. Profile photo of kamster20 kamster20 says:

    i didnt feel movement till about 20 to 21 weeks and mine did not feel like flutters it felt like a jab. It still makes me jump every time i feel it 🙂

  11. Profile photo of SammysMOMMY SammysMOMMY says:

    I’m 18 weeks too!

  12. Profile photo of SammysMOMMY SammysMOMMY says:

    It hurts but atleast I know the little one is strong!

  13. Profile photo of Chapal Chapal says:

    I’ve been feeling the movements for a while now and I’m 19 weeks. Just waiting to see/feel it on the outside!

  14. Profile photo of charlene charlene says:

    I’m 18 weeks and three days and i feel my baby move a lot than not a lot , the movement feels like butterflies or gas but i LOVE the feeling !

  15. Profile photo of Misty Misty says:

    I am 17 weeks now.I have been feeling sets i was 12 weeks or so.

  16. Profile photo of nmiiheart nmiiheart says:

    i am 18 weeks and i felt my baby move! it’s my first pregnancy so it’s really starting to sink in now that i can feel my little person! =)

  17. Profile photo of Mary Mullard Mary Mullard says:

    I’m first time so I’m not quite sure, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been feeling those little quick movements.

  18. Profile photo of Rosie2day Rosie2day says:

    I can’t wait to feel it move!

  19. Profile photo of AmyGraham AmyGraham says:

    I felt it weeks 12 and 13 and then pretty much nothing until week 16. I think my uterus moved up in those weeks, giving more space. Now in week 19 I’m feeling lots of movement. Love it! 🙂

  20. Profile photo of Carissa Carissa says:

    I felt our Josie’s first movements last week at 18 weeks. Feeling them a lot more now! The most incredible feeling in the whole world! I can’t wait til my hubby gets home from deployment to Afghanistan and can feel her too!!

  21. Profile photo of sassydella sassydella says:

    i was 10 weeks feel the baby move even the dr. to

  22. Profile photo of Sarah Sarah says:

    Felt baby move at 15 weeks and 5 days… I had just eaten and was lying down to take a nap, this is my third!

  23. Profile photo of Grace Grace says:

    i felt my baby move really early this time (3rd) around

  24. Profile photo of brandy brandy says:

    i felt my baby move at 18 weeks but the only time i did was when i was laying down on my back

  25. Profile photo of Kris Kris says:

    Oh, I didn’t realize it was going to take quite so long. I wish I could feel him/her move now 🙂 I can’t wait for the flutters!!