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  1. Avatar of raesheeta raesheeta says:

    no i will not allow it can damage them for life and i have three boys and a girl

  2. Avatar of amber amber says:

    my daughter goes to get her hair cut but my son we do at home

  3. Avatar of Irza Irza says:

    My husband cut the kids hair and its pretty amazing to turned it nice for them.

  4. Avatar of Brittany Brittany says:

    well as for me i am not a hair cutter but i have cut my own hair not sure if i would cut my childs yet…havnt had the oppurtunity to even think about it! lol but it would b cheaper

  5. Avatar of John Haley John Haley says:

    Support local business. There are professionals out there that are Moms and Dads just like us…trying to support their children.

  6. Avatar of LIZ says:

    i love this product

  7. Avatar of Haley Haley says:

    I’ve cut my oldest daughters hair before, actually its about that time that she needs another cut and so does my youngest!! Saves money and hauling the kids somewhere to get it cut!

  8. Avatar of kimberly kimberly says:

    as a cosmetologist and salon owner this is NOT as great as it appears. Placing this “bango” on your hair places uneven tension on the hair that will still cause it to be uneven and shorter then you would like. Pulling on the hair makes it appear longer then it is and releasing the tension will bounce the hair up shorter. I understand everyone is looking to save money but unless you are shaving your sons hair……please dont tramatize the child and take them to a proffessional. It is much easier to cut their hair then try to fix whatever someone else did.

  9. Avatar of lekisha lekisha says:

    My husband cuts our boys hair. It saves us a lot of money .

  10. I invested in nice clippers and learned to cut my boys’ does help us save a for the girls I get too girls have never had bangs.

  11. Avatar of Paula Paula says:

    My daughter is 22 months old and I cut her bangs when it gets too long on her. I have cut to much sometimes which I think I might get the Bango so I do not mess her hair up again

  12. Avatar of Brittney Brittney says:

    I trimmed my daughters bangs just to keep them out of her face. As she got older I just trimmed the bottem short anough to keep it out of the potty. She is 5 and the first thing everyone says is how amazing her hair is.

  13. Avatar of ralynn ralynn says:

    i cut my childrens hair it helps save our budget :)

  14. Avatar of Jay Jay says:

    The sweet sweet trash.

  15. Avatar of rosa rosa says:

    where can I purchase one of these

  16. Avatar of Lindsay Lindsay says:

    I could never cut my daughter’s hair myself!!

  17. Avatar of Christina Christina says:

    seems pretty easy.

  18. Avatar of Caitlin Caitlin says:

    Basically a ruler and cut underneath it…???

  19. Avatar of New New New New says:

    Love my husband doesnt want my daughter to get her hair cut so i could always trim it my self

  20. Avatar of Helen Helen says:

    would be great if the just need a little trim and you can get them to sit still

  21. Avatar of Shana Shana says:

    Im hving a boy so hair cutting will be easier !!

  22. Avatar of Diana Diana says:

    I rather take her to a salon …