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What an amazing time of growth and development for your child! It's time to start the countdown toward experiencing some pretty big milestones, like saying goodbye to all those diapers and your baby’s crib! There will be tears and tantrums, but there will also be plenty of giggles and grins. Please browse the topics below for informational articles, advice, helpful tools, child development videos, and more!

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How Much Sleep Does Your Toddler Need?

It is imperative that toddlers get enough sleep because sleep directly impacts their mental and physical development. While we sleep, the blood supply to the muscles i ... More

The Art of Digital Parenting: Have You Mastered It Yet?

How old was your child when he or she first held an iPhone or swiped a sticky finger across your tablet? Kids are embracing technology at earlier and earlier ages, mean ... More

EverydayKid Product Recalls – March 2015

EverydayKid Product Recalls – March 2015 We all know the importance about staying informed of product recalls to ensure the safety of our precious little ones, but ... More

What to Do About a Kid Who Whines Incessantly

If there's one question I hear over and over again, it's "How do I stop my kid from ...
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Car Seats that Won’t Break the Bank

When you're purchasing a car seat for your baby, there are a few considerations. First - ...
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10 Manners Your Kid Should Know by Age 5

Kids are never too young to learn manners. In fact, in a day and age when we are seeing ...
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10 Cold-weather Activities to Keep Your Kids Happy

The winter months of January to March are always long and cold. The twinkle and happy ...
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3 Reasons to Ditch the Toddler Flash Cards

My daughter received several sets of toddler flash cards for her third birthday. Some ...
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Winter Car Seat Safety Check: 10 Things to Do Today!

It's winter! Time for snowmen, hot cocoa, and snuggling with your little ...
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