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What an amazing time of growth and development for your child! It's time to start the countdown toward experiencing some pretty big milestones, like saying goodbye to all those diapers and your baby’s crib! There will be tears and tantrums, but there will also be plenty of giggles and grins. Please browse the topics below for informational articles, advice, helpful tools, child development videos, and more!

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Potty Training Boys: The Battle of Yellow River

In the history of human conflict, a few great battles will endure for all time. Custer’s last stand. The Battle of Britain. Midway. Potty training. If there is a challenge guaran ... More

5 Facts About Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is an autoimmune digestive disease, according to Celica Central. It is also sometimes known as coeliac disease, celiac sprue, non-tropical sprue, and gluten sensitiv ... More

The Art of Digital Parenting: Have You Mastered It Yet?

[caption id="attachment_88052" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Image via Flickr/ ClearFrost[/caption]How old was your child when he or she first held an iPhone or swiped a sticky ... More


Childproofing Your Home without Spending a Fortune

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The Child-Safety Issue No One Wants to Talk About

  In a nation where more than 40% of all homes contain firearms, we can’t just assume that all the people we know ...
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eye health young baby

The 401 on Strabismus

  The two most common types of strabismus include accommodative esotropia and intermittent exotropia. The former occurs with farsightedness ...
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using adhd medication for toddlers

Think Twice Before You Give Your Toddler ADHD Medication!

I once worked with a preschool boy who was positively full of energy. He had a lot to say, loved to move, and rarely sat perfectly still. He ...
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product recalls

EverydayKid Product Recalls — September 2014

  We all know the importance of staying informed of product recalls to ensure the safety of our precious little ones but staying on top of ...
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is my child ready to potty train?

Quiz: Is Your Little One Ready to Potty Train?

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