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What an amazing time of growth and development for your child! It's time to start the countdown toward experiencing some pretty big milestones, like saying goodbye to all those diapers and your baby’s crib! There will be tears and tantrums, but there will also be plenty of giggles and grins. Please browse the topics below for informational articles, advice, helpful tools, child development videos, and more!

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Bumps and Bruises

As a parent, you are no doubt always watching out for hazards and dangers in your toddler's life. You probably work very hard to avoid situations that could injure you ... More

EverydayKids Product Recalls -- May 2015

Toddler Product Recalls – May 2015 We all know the importance of staying informed about product recalls to ensure the safety of our precious little ones, but staying on ... More

EverydayKid Product Recalls - November 2014

Toddler Product Recalls – November 2014 We all know the importance of staying informed of product recalls to ensure the safety of our precious little ones but staying on top ... More

Is the “Threenager” Stage Worse than the “Terrible Twos”?

You are walking through the grocery store, minding your own business and you walk down ...
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Fall Fun: Make Applesauce with Your Toddler

As fall rolls in you might be excitedly compiling your autumn bucket list and looking ...
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5 Tips for Teaching Your Preschooler How to Be a Good Friend

Initiating and developing friendships are vital life skills. As a parent, it is important ...
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4 Tips to Help You Reduce the Amount of Juice Your Toddler Drinks

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that toddlers have no more than 4-6 ounces ...
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4 Ideas for Keeping Your Little One Occupied While You Wait

No one likes waiting, whether you’re waiting for your appointment at the doctor’s ...
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Amazingly Easy Room-by-Room Toddler Proofing Tips

A whole new world opens up to your child when he or she learns to walk. Unfortunately, so ...
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