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There are many opinions surrounding sleeping recommendations for toddlers. To help you navigate through all of the noise, below you will find information, advice, and tips, from experts, pediatricians, and other mothers like you, to help you decide what is best for your toddler, and your family.
Adorable kids brother and sister at home in children room

When Should Boys and Girls No Longer Share a Bedroom?

There is an informal debate over whether or not opposite-sexed siblings should be allowed to share a bedroom and, if so, for how long. There are ...
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potty training

The Last Step of Potty Training: Say Goodbye to Nighttime Diapers!

Nighttime bed-wetting is very common, and considered normal until the age of six. So, how can you get past the pull-ups? Here are a few things ...
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night terrors

When Night Terrors Strike

One of the cruel ironies of parenthood is that sleeping through the night doesn’t actually happen the moment your child no longer requires ...
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family sleeping

Snooze Soundly — Even When You’re Sick

By Ella Brooks for Sniffle Solutions “When you have a cold or the flu, congestion worsens at night,” says Dr. Neil Schachter, medical ...
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nose picker

5 Scents That Heal

By Sharon Liao for Sniffle Solutions The secret to better sleep, more energy and fewer cold symptoms may be right beneath your nose: A growing ...
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sad little girl

Nightmares and Night Terrors

As children get older, the time eventually comes when they sleep through the night; however, their memory and imagination starts to develop ...
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