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Recent Winners
Boiron Homeopathic Product Pack

Boiron Homeopathic Product Pack LORI M

from lakeland, FL

Little Twig Baby Basics

Little Twig Baby Basics marla b

from fresno, CA

SpillSpoiler Sport

SpillSpoiler Sport Jonathan B

from Highland, IN

$250 American Express Gift Card

$250 American Express Gift Card wendy b

from homer, AK

Fabness Custom Photo Canvas

Fabness Custom Photo Canvas Alexander G

from Franklin, TN

Boiron Homeopathic Product Pack

Boiron Homeopathic Product Pack Karen C

from Houston, TX

Sage Spoonfuls Recipe Book

Sage Spoonfuls Recipe Book Alicia A

from Chicago, IL

Sage Spoonfuls Let's Get Started Package

Sage Spoonfuls Let's Get Started Package LESLIE C


Little Twig Baby Basics

Little Twig Baby Basics Lauren W

from Belleville, IL

Sage Spoonfuls Recipe Book

Sage Spoonfuls Recipe Book Brittany K

from Independence, MO


  1. Avatar of alexzallie alexzallie says:

    So I am excited of my first time. I really need help.

  2. Avatar of Saxyn Saxyn says:

    This is my first. Very excited. Need all the help I can get

  3. Avatar of Chrissy Chrissy says:

    I want to win something patiently waiting :)

  4. Avatar of Staci Staci says:

    First time mother of twins!! Come on diapers giveaway!!

  5. Avatar of Chrissy Chrissy says:

    Hoping I win something on here ! /:

  6. Avatar of Charity Charity says:

    about how many times a day do people enter these sweepstakes?

  7. Avatar of Ros Ros says:

    No i have not win anything i’m going at it for 19 weeks now

  8. Avatar of Sonia Sonia says:

    praying to win some stuff that will really help me and my baby out:)
    Does everyone that inters to win …wins?

  9. After the sudden loss of my Dad a month after my 15th birthday my mom and little brother, we’ve all struggled to regroup emotionally and financially. My mom is a great support to me and didn’t completely lose it when she found out that I am 16 and pregnant. I know she struggles to take care of me and my little brother and worries about the baby but she has a strong faith. I pray God helps us with his provision. I think my beautiful son is going to add many smiles and laughter back to our house when he comes next month. I know these sweepstakes are random drawings. Best wishes and healthy babies to all!

    • Avatar of Haley Haley says:

      I’m 17, and pregnant. My mom freaking LOST it. My stepdad did too. My boyfriend is 21, and Scared. I’m like, the only one to keep it sane lol. Message me?

  10. Avatar of Cait Cait says:

    Are the points going to be worth anything I am up to 28,000

  11. Avatar of Sterling Sterling says:

    Also my computer accidentally put 1223 as the address when it’s 1123….if I win will I get an email to correct this?

    • Avatar of Megan KlayEditor Megan Klay says:

      Hi there – We’ll send you an email asking you to confirm your information, including your address, so you can let us know at that time. Good luck!

  12. Avatar of Sterling Sterling says:

    I really hope I win. The things would be nice and help out a lot

  13. Avatar of Ros Ros says:

    I enter and enter i still haven’t win.

  14. Avatar of Brooke Brooke says:

    I was a lucky winner and am trying to email back to confirm my address. Do you need anything further from me?

    Brooke L

  15. Avatar of Samantha Samantha says:

    How do you know if you win ? How do they contact you

  16. Avatar of Erica Erica says:

    I hope I win something !!! I am struggling and only 20 years old !! I need some relief in my life !

  17. Avatar of Zaires_Mommy Zaires_Mommy says:

    I pray I win something! I am a struggling single mom and this wouldn’t help!

  18. Avatar of Shaylee Shaylee says:

    these prizes are great but I was wondering if you’ll be opening any up to international members as I am in Australia

  19. So can you enter each one as many times as you want or just once? I’m a little lost apparently

  20. Avatar of Alanna Alanna says:

    I won the Fabness sweepstakes but my prize has not yet arrived. I’m still checking the mail for it.

  21. Avatar of Cait Cait says:

    Is this new way of contests permanent?

  22. I like the old way to participate in the sweepstakes…

  23. Avatar of JLu JLu says:

    I won the preggers tights. BUT they arrived in white. WHITE??!! Who wears white tights except for Halloween?

  24. Avatar of Caitlyn Caitlyn says:

    I do not like the new sweepstakes :( I liked it better when you got one entry for performing and action.

  25. Avatar of Kahlila Kahlila says:

    I won the Little Twig package and it is so cute with the little lady bug sponge. I can’t wait for my son to arrive so I can try it out!

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