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Boiron Homeopathic Product Pack

Boiron Homeopathic Product Pack Kristie H

from Bigelow , AR

SpillSpoiler Sport

SpillSpoiler Sport Kori B

from Collegeville, PA

Little Twig Baby Basics

Little Twig Baby Basics elizabeth c

from purcellville, VA

$250 American Express Gift Card

$250 American Express Gift Card Amanda T

from Grand saline, TX

Sage Spoonfuls Recipe Book

Sage Spoonfuls Recipe Book brittany m

from Sandwich, IL

$100 American Express Gift Card

$100 American Express Gift Card Lorrae B

from Philadelphia, PA

SpillSpoiler Toddler

SpillSpoiler Toddler Gerald G

from Sun CIty, AZ

Little Twig Baby Basics

Little Twig Baby Basics William Y

from Ewa Beach, HI

$50 American Express Gift Card

$50 American Express Gift Card Robyn N

from Glastonbury , CT

Sage Spoonfuls Recipe Book

Sage Spoonfuls Recipe Book Mary Anne L

from San Jose, CA


  1. Avatar of cassie cassie says:

    I found this site through another pregnancy site and prefer this one. Seems like this is more of an active site. Theres plenty to read. Theres also some wonderful people on here (and I like that men can be part of the whole family thing, whereas other sites women get offended men are on it!!!! Praise to the Daddies here!)
    Hope I’m blessed enough to win something♡

  2. Avatar of Maggie Maggie says:

    I hope to win!! I think the contests all over the world are harder to win but I keep trying to get lucky :) this is my favorite site thank you everydayfamily.com

  3. Avatar of jamie jamie says:


  4. Avatar of Amanda Amanda says:

    I anyways lol :) patience !!!

  5. Avatar of Amanda Amanda says:

    I’m so very thankful is won the gift card I’ve been trying for a while this is a blessing thank you everyday family

  6. Avatar of Cait Cait says:

    Any word on what is going on with the points we earn. I don’t really want to waste time attempting to earn them if they don’t count towards anything.

    • Avatar of Megan KlayEditor Megan Klay says:

      Hi Cait – They’re just for fun for now, but we are working on something. It’s a work in progress and we appreciate your patience and hope you’re still having fun in the meantime!

  7. Avatar of Eva Eva says:

    Yep. Literally entered 20 times a day for about a month into the same sweepstakes and was a complete waste of time cuz I won nothing. Not even gonna waste my time on this anymore!

  8. Avatar of Harmony Harmony says:

    13 weeks & 2 days!

  9. Avatar of Victoria Victoria says:

    16 and pregnant fingers crossed!

  10. Avatar of Denise Denise says:

    Only 21 weeks and 24 days still to go WOHOO

  11. Avatar of Denise Denise says:

    I am sure glad I found this site while I was still pregnant. It is AWESOME

  12. Avatar of Melissa Melissa says:

    I found this site and boy am I glad I did. It gives me a lot of good information. This is my first pregnancy and I am some what scared because well I might have twins. Twins run on my dads side and my moms side. My older two sisters didn’t have twins but well, I am a twin and my mom said it might happen to me. I am just glad that everyone is very supportive.

  13. Avatar of Maria Maria says:

    Good luck to you all

  14. Avatar of Alicia Alicia says:

    I am 17 and pregnant with my first, I am so excited to have found this site… I stayed up half the night entering sweepstake after sweepstake!! Fingers crossed!! :)

  15. Avatar of melissa melissa says:

    I enter every day :) Haven’t got lucky yet! Having my 3rd due August 24th had a run of bad luck all the baby gear i was saving from my second got ruined in flood and I don’t have the big family so no baby shower… If I can keep the faith and positive attitude that I will (hopefully) win anyone can!! Thank you for these chances!!

  16. Avatar of Nancy Nancy says:

    Are there winners everyday???

  17. Avatar of leenesha leenesha says:

    Is auto fill prohibited when entering a sweepstakes on this Web site? I just love entering them when I’m on break at work, which is not long at all and it saves me time.

  18. Avatar of mel mel says:

    ok…im unemployed n in DESPERATE need of baby supplies!!! im due early aug n in hvn major trouble getting essentials..

  19. Avatar of Juana Juana says:

    I haven’t won anything but I get excited just entering sweepstakes. I also love seeing ppl win prized it. I love the website cause I read other moms experience with there kids. I love baby’s all of them

  20. Avatar of charity charity says:

    About how many entries do you receive on average sweepstakes?

  21. Avatar of kelly kelly says:

    hi hows everybody today

  22. Avatar of kelly kelly says:

    sad to here that I would love to win too keep your fingers cross good day

  23. Avatar of fahmina fahmina says:

    I wana win something my baby is 8 minths amost i had been tryin to win sumthing since i was few weeks pregnant:((( too long of waiting

  24. Avatar of Karla Karla says:

    Is this a very popular site? About how many entries do your sweepstakes get?

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