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DudeMom says: No, it's fine to say penis. You just can't shout, PENIS.

Especially not when we're at Panera. During the dinner rush. While we dine with your grandparents.


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DudeMom says: It's not a mask. It's a cup. 

NOOOOO, not for drinking. For, like, protecting your junk.

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DudeMom says: Never get up from the couch and walk outside to pee again. 

You're not a puppy, you're a person. Or, you're almost a person. Ugh, one day I hope you will act more like a person and less like a puppy. There. I said it.


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DudeMom says: I swear on Santa that if you finger gun anyone at church, we will have issues. 

And, by finger gun, I also mean stick gun, pen gun, rolled-up-paper-program gun, and Bible gun? How did you make a gun out of the Bible? Why would you make a gun out of the Bible?!


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DudeMom says: Everything is not meant to be jumped from.

Or on. Or over. Or through. Or FROM.

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Stuff Dude Moms Say.

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  1. Profile photo of Aliya Aliya says:

    my life summarized lmao

  2. Profile photo of Dianne Dianne says:

    My son jumped from, to, on over or into almost anything. He loved jumping into piles of stuff. Laundry, leaves, pillows, cushions from the couch, I lived in mortal fear that there was a pitchfork hidden under the next pile of whatever he happened to be jumping into, hay, straw, bouncy balls, etc.

  3. Profile photo of pumpkin pumpkin says:

    food is for eating, not for throwing… or sticking in mommys hair… or on the cats

    oh yes of course i look beautiful with graham cracker in my hair… thanks -_-