Mother Arrested for Using 13-Year-Old as Babysitter

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 by from Buzzworthy Bulletins

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    Some people are criticizing the mom, while others are pointing fingers at the neighbor.

    When does one become qualified to babysit? Is there a specific age or grade level that accurately measures the aptness of a babysitter?

    A 39-year-old woman was arrested for leaving her four children – ages 13, 10, 4, and 1 1/2 – alone at home while she attended church. According to this article, she left the children in the care of her eldest child; but when a neighbor called the police, stating that the 4-year-old wandered into the yard across the street alone, this mother was charged with “risk of injury to a minor.”

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    Some people are criticizing the mom, while others are pointing fingers at the neighbor, “accusing her of acting in anything but a neighborly way.”

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What do you think? Mother Arrested for Using 13-Year-Old as Babysitter

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  1. Avatar of Stacy Stacy says:

    It all boils down to the laws of the state they live in. In our state a 13 year old is considered an acceptable age to babysit

  2. Avatar of Adelle Adelle says:

    My baby sister was born when I was 12 and I watched her with my 11 year old sister alone on weekends no problem. Apparently people can be arrested for anything nowdays.

  3. Avatar of Summer Summer says:

    Each state has their own laws about this, but what I find interesting is that now days, there are 13 year olds having kids of their own. Should they not be allowed alone with their kids?

  4. Avatar of Ambur Ambur says:

    I was 12 when I started babysitting. I could handle younger kids no problem.

  5. Avatar of Anneliese Anneliese says:

    The age of a babysitter depends on the child. I have 4 children, one ond the way and 2 step. I would not just let any of them babysit the younger ones . If her 13 yr. Old is mature enough for a short time to babysit than the mom should be set free and cleared of all charges.

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