4 Celebrity Moms Who Didn’t Love Pregnancy

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    I was blessed with two really great pregnancies. Both times, I sailed through 40 weeks with some aches and pains, leg cramps, snoring, and other not-so-fun aspects. But all in all, I enjoyed carrying my babies; however, lots of people aren't as lucky. It's pretty common for women to feel out of sorts during their pregnancies, and that's the same with celebrities. Here are a few celebrities who did not enjoy those nine months.

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4 Celebrity Moms Who Didn’t Love Pregnancy

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  1. Profile photo of Suzanne Suzanne says:

    Why focus on the negative? Many of the quotes even mentioned that it’s all worth it in the end and Hillary even said she had an easy pregnancy. Why be so negative about pregnancy (especially on a family website!!!) I loved being pregnant and fought for every moment I could stay pregnant before delivering my not even three pound preemie at 30 weeks gestation. I would have done anything to be able to stay pregnant -even a few more days would have been critically helpful. I feel incredibly blessed for the privilege and opportunity to be pregnant and deeply desire to be pregnant again.
    I’m sorry that some women struggle with pregnancy and my heart goes out to them, but I wish you wouldn’t have focused on something like this.

    • Profile photo of Megan KlayEditor Megan Klay says:

      Thanks for the comment, Suzanne! We work hard to provide blogs and articles that help our community to connect, and sometimes to see things from another angle. While many people love being pregnant, some women really do struggle – whether with things like hyperemesis or with depression, pain, emotional distress, or a host of other reasons. We generally do tend to celebrate the positive, but we also want to provide a chance for those who don’t love pregnancy to feel understood and accepted.

  2. Profile photo of Denise Denise says:

    I think this is sad for so many reasons. I feel for the moms who struggled but I would have give the world to experience that….in fact I spent over $40k trying to get pregnant with no success. These women need to remember that their discomfort is someone else’s dream that will never be a reality. I’m also sad that this was posted during National Infertility Awareness Week.

  3. Profile photo of pumpkin pumpkin says:

    i loved being pregnant. i hated the morning sickness, the cravings, aversion to foods, the insomnia and the round ligament pain, but i loved that i was growing a person, someone with all of mine and my i hubbys best and and worst qualities. someone whom i love unconditionally. when i was pg i never felt more beautiful in my life, and i loved the closeness i shared with my child. we (my hubby and i) were going through a rough time together; trying to move, me finishing with school (although i wont use my certifications till baby is in school), and trying to get things ready for when the baby came all while i still was working. but now i look back and my son is about to be a year old and i am left here wondering, where did the time go?! my cousin is pregnant now with her first and i leave her with this little bit of advice, and i leave this advice for any other first time expectant moms: enjoy the kicks, the hiccups, the closeness you share with your child. but most of all enjoy the quiet, its the quietest he/she will ever be. (yes there is supposed to be a little humor in that as well 😉 )