9-Year-Old Gives Birth to a Baby in Mexico

Thursday, February 7th, 2013 by from Buzzworthy Bulletins

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    A 9-year-old girl, Dafne, from just outside of Guadalajara, Mexico, has given birth to her own baby girl. The baby came into the world January 27, weighing 5 pounds and 7 ounces, via c-section, due to the mother's size and age. Dafne was 8 years old when she got pregnant, allegedly by a now-17-year-old boy.

    The authorities are searching for the father because they believe that the girl was raped or abused, but the girl's mother didn't report the pregnancy to the police because she doesn't think it's a crime. Dafne claims that she and the father of her baby are involved in a relationship together. She loves him. They were a couple.

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    Oddly enough, the boy didn't know that the girl was pregnant until she did, when she was 7 months pregnant, because why would a 9-year-old have any understanding of what a pregnancy feels like? He asked her to move in with him. She said no. He left town. This shows you the level of maturity involved with these children who made this baby.

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