25 Love-Inspired Baby Names

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    I am obsessed with baby names. And coming up with that perfect name is not easy–but it is fun! When I was looking for a name for my fourth child, I wanted something that was unusual, but not totally out there. I wanted it to have something special about it. When I came across the name, before we knew the gender, I was set, and I declared that it would be this child's name, whether it was a boy or girl.

    When choosing names, I like to read everything about the name. I check out the meanings, the origin, the popularity, and I even Google other people with the same name. I want something that just hits me. I want it to fit with us as a family. And, after all, it's something both my child and I will have to live with for a lifetime.

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    If you're searching for the perfect name for your baby, why not look to one of the most romantic and love-filled holidays for inspiration?

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25 Love-Inspired Baby Names

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    nice article tnx

  2. Profile photo of Leigh Linder Leigh Linder says:

    I’m a more traditional mom. We chose names from our families and refuse to use nicknames or shorten our children’s names unless they choose to. However, to each their own!

  3. Profile photo of Amanda AustinAuthor Amanda Austin says:

    You totally forgot SAvannah! That is on our list and one of our favorite places. It exudes charm, mystery and romance, just like the city :)