Simple Ways to Detect Ovulation

If the key to life is water, then the key to pregnancy is ovulation. Ovulation is the process of releasing an egg from the fallopian tubes into the uterus, where it can wait patiently for a sperm to arrive. The problem is that the whole process of ovulation is short lived and requires such an exact timing mechanism that it can be easy to miss. This is one of the reasons that learning to detect ovulation is so important.

Around half of all women know when they are ovulating just by how they feel. They may feel painful tinges or have cramps as the egg is released, which quickly subside. You also will have a tremendous amount of mucous discharge for a few days leading up to and throughout ovulation. This is your body’s way of shepherding the sperm straight to the egg. Another sign of ovulation can be an increased basal body temperature.

You will notice that as ovulation nears, your basal temperature will be raised by a few tenths of a degree.

The other half of women have no idea when they are ovulating. However, as you are trying to conceive you will realize that you become more intuit about your body. If you look for the changes in cervical mucus and the feelings of abdominal pressure, you will have a good barometer for predicting when you are ovulating. Additionally, most women will feel more erroneous during this time of the month which is your instinctive animal traits coming through.

If you are taking your basal body temperature, then you should do it for at least a few months. You will notice that as ovulation nears, your basal temperature will be raised by a few tenths of a degree. It is important to use a basal thermometer and to chart the changes. Normally, if you have a 28 day cycle, this change will occur around day fourteen, from the first day of your last period. When the temperature is raised, it is considered your optimum time to conceive.

You can also use ovulation predicting kits to predict ovulation, these kits measure hormones in your urine that indicate you are ovulating. You should read the instructions on the box carefully and begin taking the tests around day ten from the first day of your last period. Some women ovulate earlier in their cycle than others. These tests can be costly, and you should definitely find one that comes with a seven day kit. The urine should be tested in the morning and evening because remember, you are only working with a short time period of ovulation.

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Planning sex to occur at the perfect moment doesn’t necessarily guarantee pregnancy. Remember that a sperm can live in the uterus for several days, which means even if you have intercourse several days before you ovulate, you could still become pregnant.

If you have irregular periods, predicting ovulation on your own can be difficult, even with these simple tools. You may have to take ovulation tests for a month and monitor your body temperature for up to three months. Also, some women may ovulate, but not release an egg. Normally your body releases one egg per month from alternating ovaries. Your body may skip a month, or release two eggs one month ( which could result in twins).

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Stick with it, and learn to understand your body as best you can. And remember, sex can be fun even if you aren’t ovulating, so don’t save intimacy for just one time during the month.

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Simple Ways to Detect Ovulation

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    I have read this info from the book what to expect before youre expecting and I also read what to expect when expecting and several other books as well.

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    I have read about this in the book What To Expect Before You’re Expecting.

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    I never knew any of this and I’ve had 4 kids. Just did things the old-fashioned way! But this is great information for anyone that is trying to conceive.

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    The article is extremely helpful for all trying to conceive women. I also find nice website where you can enter your tempreture and it detects when your O is. Really handy! It’s called

  5. My doctor told me this information when I went in to our appointment.

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    Here are ways of trying to time it all right for the hopeful’s, who want to start a family now!.

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    I was irregular, so at times it was tough. I am thankful we were able to still get pregnant.

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    I think some of this stuff works, but I didn’t do any of it. I had actually thought that there was something wrong and I would never be able to have children so we weren’t being careful and now we have a baby girl coming in one month!

  18. I tried all these things for a full 7 months and I got nothing. When I stopped worrying about it and slowed down smoking and drinking caffiene and started eating healthy and drinking water, a few weeks after I found out I was pregnant…We are so thrilled to welcome this wonderful gift of life into our lives and family!!!

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  20. mine are just so up and down

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    Being patient with this try not not getting frustrated.

  23. I think that early afternoon usually is when the temp and ovulation is right

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    i was told that having sex before noon was the best time when ovulating because sperm counts are usually higher