Sex During Pregnancy

sex-during-pregnancyIt is natural to be curious about how your sex life will change as your pregnancy progresses. In fact, one of the most common concerns among expectant couples is whether or not it is safe to have sex during pregnancy. 

Many couples abandon the missionary position for a more comfortable side-by-side position as the pregnancy progresses.

Fortunately, the answer is usually, Yes! During a low-risk pregnancy, it is safe to have sex. There are some situations in which your health care provider may advise against sex. 

If you have a history of miscarriages or preterm labor, premature uterine contractions, unexplained cramping, discharge or bleeding, are carrying multiples, or if you have any special conditions such as incompetent cervix or placenta previa, you may be told to avoid sex. If you have any questions or concerns, it is best to check with your healthcare provider.

Of course, even though sex is safe during pregnancy, it’s up to you and your partner to decide what is best for you. You may find that your desire for sex changes throughout your pregnancy. In fact, both increased and decreased sex-drive are normal during pregnancy, and you will probably experience both. On the one hand, pregnancy can make you and your partner feel closer than ever and invigorate your sex life, while on the other, pregnancy symptoms, like ever-present morning sickness and backaches, can really get in the way of a romantic evening.

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It’s most important to keep the lines of communication open between you and your partner. Intimacy can be expressed in many ways, and pregnancy can lead to intimate experiences that are more inventive and fulfilling than your pre-pregnancy sex life.

Certainly, many couples find that as the pregnancy progresses, they need to experiment with new positions. On the next page, you will find the answers to some common questions couples have about sex during pregnancy.


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Sex During Pregnancy

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  1. Profile photo of Rhonda Burk Rhonda Burk says:

    its been hard to get into the mood since i have 3 other rugrats running around the house and knocking at bedrm door every chance to tattle tail on each other. I need em gone long enough for me n hubby can have some REAL alone time to focus. cause tring to do it in the dark is like finding a needle n the hay stack since belly is so big hubby is confused on which hole to poke at i have to try n guide it in LOL:) IMBRASSED

  2. Profile photo of shenise shenise says:

    i want it more because my husband doesnt want to poke julien.

  3. Profile photo of haley haley says:

    I’m pregnant with my first child and sex is about the same with me!! I don’t crave it and don’t not want it lol..but I keep getting told them when a girl is pregnant its supposed to make u extremely horny all the time!!that true with anyone?

  4. Profile photo of Ale Ale says:

    dont feel like having sex

  5. Profile photo of Jessica Jessica says:

    I’m 31 weeks and so far so good! My sex drive remains the same as always and my belly isn’t an excuse to not be intimate 🙂

  6. from weeks 12-26 i was very veru sexually active my husban would hide from me lol

  7. Profile photo of Sarina Sarina says:

    Well I can only speak for me n I crave sex like food at 28 wks. Its fun n feels great especially when he rubs my belly while he lolol. Nothing to be scared of go slow.

  8. Profile photo of Ari Ari says:

    I think the pregnancy has brought us closer together, we are more intimate now then before. <3

  9. Profile photo of cassy cassy says:

    unfourtionetly sex is very uncomfortable for me i feel bad for my hubby tho he always looks so sad when i say no 🙁

  10. Profile photo of Leeana Leeana says:

    It was hard to continue sex because my Dr put me on no sex due to bleeding and he wasn’t sure this was the cause. We had gone the last five months with NO sex and when it came time to deliver I was not dilating. In 40 HOURS I was only at 4 cm! AND my cervix wall was too thick. My honey and I believe it was because we had not had sex. I never had this problem previously

  11. Profile photo of Deztani Deztani says:

    It makes it feel like heaven like we are al together as one && the love & family value that God has blessed us with is everlasting. woohhhh

  12. Profile photo of lhunter lhunter says:

    i dont have any intrest in sex

  13. Profile photo of Mi Mi says:

    i never try having sex with my husband lols..during my pregnancy.most of the time we are apart hes abroad…but if there’s a moment that his with me why not…i want to know how does it feel to have sex while your pregnant.what’s the different when you are not pregnant..

  14. Profile photo of Jessica Jessica says:

    I wanted sex during pregnancy but my ex did not he was too busy going out with other women when he was supposed to be with me and i truly did not want him anywhere near me

  15. Profile photo of MLS MLS says:

    I was turned off for sex during my pregnancy but my husband was not. But now he is.

  16. Profile photo of Erica Erica says:

    Our sex life has actually seemed more intimate since finding out about my pregnancy. Though we don’t do it as often as we used to because of the back pain and nausea I’ve been dealing with, I’m just happy he still wants to have sex. It was a major worry since I have some friends that dealt with their guys getting all weirded out about pregnancy sex.

  17. Profile photo of holly holly says:

    lucky you. i had a cercloge on my cervix and well that caused alot of pain and bleeding and my little one was born three months early

  18. Profile photo of holly holly says:

    during my pregnancy my man was the horny one and i was turned off by it

  19. Profile photo of Seity Seity says:

    I was so horny the entire pregnancy, but my husband was turned off by it, so I didn’t get to have any sex while pregnant. Major downer.

  20. Profile photo of mida mida says:

    sex during pregnancy was great i had sex up until the week before baby was born.

  21. Profile photo of Nicki Nicki says:

    I enjoy sex during pregnancy!

  22. Profile photo of Mary Mullard Mary Mullard says:

    me and my partner have not stopped yet, we still continue to have sex but if there are reasons why we should not be please let me know.

  23. Profile photo of Grace Grace says:

    sex for me during this pregnancy for some reason just hurts….

  24. Profile photo of shanita shanita says:

    that so true No sex during pregnancy