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Pregnancy is exciting – and with all of the physical and emotional changes on the way, there are surely many questions you will want answered. For information on what’s happening now, check out Pregnancy Week by Week. Looking for the perfect baby name? Use our Baby Name Finder! And don’t miss the articles, videos, and checklists for more to learn and love!

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The ABC’s of Circumcision

If a little boy is in your future, chances are you will hear the question, "Will you have him circumcised?" In addition to understanding both the pros and cons of this procedure, y ... More

Vanishing Twin Phenomenon: What Is It?

 No, the baby that was originally seen on the ultrasound doesn't just vanis ... More

Yeast Infections During Pregnancy

 When estrogen levels rise during pregnancy, they can throw the acid, bacteria, and yeast found in a healthy vagina out of balance.Many women develop yeast infections at some ... More

Most Popular Baby Names Around the World

I love to travel, and I’m really hoping our baby on board does too. ...
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Can We Please Talk About Pregnancy “Abs”?

By now, you may have heard the news that the infamous model who had crazy ...
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4 Things I Wish I’d Done More While I Was Pregnant

It’s no secret that I may or may not be the world’s worst ...
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5 Reasons You Should Start a Pregnancy Blog, Now!

Sure, it seems everyone has one these days, but if you don’t have a ...
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C-Section Secrets: 5 Things No One Tells You About Cesarean Sections

I have three sons, two of which were born via planned cesarean section ...
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The Simple Way You Might Prevent Postpartum Depression

While there are no definitive predictors for when women will get ...
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