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Pregnancy is exciting – and with all of the physical and emotional changes on the way, there are surely many questions you will want answered. For information on what’s happening now, check out Pregnancy Week by Week. Looking for the perfect baby name? Use our Baby Name Finder! And don’t miss the articles, videos, and checklists for more to learn and love!

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Not All Prenatal Vitamins Are Created Equal

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14 Amazing Exercises for Your 1st Trimester

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7 Kids Nursery Design Ideas You Hadn't Considered

Preparing the nursery for your child's arrival is an exciting, stressful, and all-encompassing process that you'll want to get right the first time. As you antic ... More

Why You May Want To Avoid Diet Soda During Pregnancy

I'm not much of a soda drinker, but when I'm pregnant I crave it constantly. Something ...
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When an OB Visit Goes Wrong

Long before I ever thought about having a baby, my annual gynecological exams were ...
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6 Tips for Surviving Bed Rest During Pregnancy

When you hear the term "bed rest" your first thought is probably "Wow, laying in ...
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7 Things You Should Do BEFORE Baby Arrives

There are a million things we're told to make sure we get done before the baby arrives. ...
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4 Common Misconceptions about Miscarriage

It's not something on our radar—it's not something we usually worry about until it ...
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Did You Make a Birth Plan for Your C-Section? Why You Should

When I was pregnant with my first child - just over 8 years ago - I read a lot about what ...
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