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Pregnancy is exciting – and with all of the physical and emotional changes on the way, there are surely many questions you will want answered. For information on what’s happening now, check out Pregnancy Week by Week. Looking for the perfect baby name? Use our Baby Name Finder! And don’t miss the articles, videos, and checklists for more to learn and love!

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Not All Prenatal Vitamins Are Created Equal

The CDC recommends that EVERY woman of childbearing age take a prenatal vitamin to reduce her risk of becoming pregnant and delivering a baby with birth defects. Folate or Folic Ac ... More

The 411 on Mom Acne

Acne usually starts to appear during the first trimester of pregnancy. If you’ve made it into the second or third trimester, you’re probably safe from any serious breakouts. Ye ... More

Understanding Diastasis Recti

  Women have a higher risk of diastasis with subsequent pregnancies, pregnancies with a large baby or [with] extra amniotic fluid, or if they are pregn ... More

Mom’s Vaccine Story Will Make You Think Twice About the Tdap Vaccine

One of the hard parts about vaccines, especially when you're pregnant, is that it can be ...
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4 Tips for Surviving Being Away from Baby in the Hospital

When I prepared for the birth of my first child, I never imagined I would have to ...
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Practical Tips for Sneaking in a Nap Time During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is exhausting, and it totally makes sense when you think about ...
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5 Cool Things About The Second Trimester

The second trimester is a huge time of growth for your little one. Here's a sneak ...
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4 Ways to Get Your Partner Involved In Your Pregnancy

I love being pregnant, and as I near the end of what is most likely my last pregnancy, ...
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4 Best Exercises for Pregnancy

During pregnancy, when you're dealing with all the uncomfortable things from ...
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