My Pregnancy Week 39

Pregnancy Week 39

Congratulations! You’ve reached the final weeks in your pregnancy (if you haven’t delivered already)! Your baby has probably reached his birth weight by now. Most babies weigh somewhere between six to eight pounds when they are born. Boys are usually longer and heavier than girls.

Not much has changed from last week, all her internal organs are ready to support her in the outside world, she’s developed healthy amounts of baby fat over the past week, and her immune system is developing and will continue to develop after she is born.



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My Pregnancy Week 39

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  1. Profile photo of Anna Anna says:

    no signs of the baby still…

  2. Profile photo of Irene Irene says:

    I’m 39 weeks and dilated 4 cm and no baby yet!

  3. Profile photo of Anna Anna says:

    i’ve been 2 cm dilated for two weeks now

  4. Profile photo of Rachyl Rachyl says:

    Im 39 weeks 1 day. Went to the doctor today not dilated at all and 70% effaced. Im soooo ready for him to come out!

  5. Profile photo of Sophia Sophia says:

    I am 40wks and yet no baby i am getting restless, family from all over are getting antsy and calling me to find out if she’s here yet its making me even more anxious

  6. Profile photo of Lisa Lisa says:

    tomorrow is my due date, I am 2cm dilated, this is my 4th child, I was sooo hoping he would be here by now. I am couped up in the house because it is sooo HOT! Good luck to all out there expecting 🙂

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  8. my baby will due on july 8 2012. but now a days i am getting so much bored n cant wait till day. i am little bit afraid bcz this is my first baby i n my husband are alone here.

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  10. Profile photo of Kim ShannonEditor Kim Shannon says:

    My daughter was two weeks late – I know how you feel!!! Good luck!!!

  11. Profile photo of Christie Christie says:

    My baby was due June 29, 2012 n she is LATE….i am so over this pregnacy I wish she hurry up n come already…ughhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Profile photo of sarah bannen sarah bannen says:

    feel like a lil kid counting down the day almost to the point i want to count hours lol which we all know that cant happen i have 7 days into my lil mans due date i really hope that he wants to come befor that i am so ready

  13. Profile photo of Aracely Aracely says:

    2 weeks untill my due date!!!!

  14. Profile photo of Kristin Kristin says:

    7 days untill my due date!! 🙂

  15. Profile photo of christina christina says:

    6 days til my due date :)))))

  16. Profile photo of Quanisha Quanisha says:

    One more week until my due date so excited! 🙂

  17. Profile photo of McKenzie McKenzie says:

    I can’t wait untill the final weeks of my pregnancy!

  18. Profile photo of Daniela Daniela says:

    2 more days until my due date i can’t wait :)))))))))))))

  19. Profile photo of bealhenmamma bealhenmamma says:

    one more week.. I cant wait.. hope he shows up soon.. but if he waits that is fine with me..

  20. Profile photo of glenda glenda says:

    1 more week to go, can’t wait!

  21. Profile photo of cierra cierra says:

    4 more fays! so excited, cant wait

  22. Profile photo of Jasmine Jasmine says:

    One more week im blessed <3

  23. Profile photo of Victoria Victoria says:

    One more week until DueDate!