My Pregnancy Week 36

Pregnancy Week 36

Your baby continues to grow and develop inside of you, measuring over 19 inches long, and weighing about 6 ½ lbs! (Having multiples? Your twins may be around five pounds now.) During week 36, your baby’s most important job is to keep putting on weight. Actually, that’s her primary job from now until delivery.

You probably have another 4 weeks to go until delivery, especially if this is your first pregnancy, but “Full Term” refers to the period between 37-41 weeks, so your baby could be coming any time now! Your due date is probably a good guideline to determine when your little one is coming. Even though few women deliver on their actual due date, many women deliver in the days just before or after.

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My Pregnancy Week 36

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  1. Avatar of Jailene Jailene says:

    I’m 36 weeks with my first child im having my baby GIRL! My mini me and I wish she can just come next week I can’t take pregnancy anymore I just want to hold her already!!

  2. I am also a first time Mom. I am so excited for baby to arrive I am 35 weeks and 6 days but so nervous for the labor pain

  3. Avatar of Heather Heather says:

    Baby boy #4! By far the most uncomfortable pregnancy, extreme back pain and trouble sleeping is no fun. Been having the BH contractions since 16 wks and now they are super strong but the DR has not seemed worried about this at all and has not done a cervical exam yet, I am still not going every week yet either… I hope at our next appointment he tells us that we are making progress (dilation, effacement) of some kind, it’s discouraging when you feel like your body is working hard at something to only find out nothing is happening!

  4. Avatar of isavel isavel says:

    36weeks n,alll tired ready for baby to come first girl excited already have a boy I soo know his goona be a great big,brother Reina Diaz love u mami

  5. Avatar of Susie Susie says:

    Yay my first baby…im so happy but frightened I’m 19 about to turn 20 when my baby arrives..scared of the unknown…first time mom

    • Avatar of Chasity Chasity says:

      I was 18 just about turn 19 with my first baby and I was the same way. I was scared and nervous because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Having my friends and family there to help made a huge difference. Good luck with everything. My son is now 5 years old and I wouldn’t change things for the world. I am 36 weeks with my 3 rd boy and I think you will do a great job. Again good luck.

  6. Avatar of danielle danielle says:

    I’m 36 woks today with my second baby boy my other boy is now 5 this pregnancy has not Been a breeze for me I’ve had the morning sickness the trouble sleeping, and right now I’ve had Braxton hicks contractions for a week which are very annoying I just went for my ob appointment yesterday cervix was not open and I was only 25% efface when they did the growth ultrasound the week before my baby was measuring at 36wks 6days and was already over 6 1\2 pounds which meant he could come any time so it was hard to hear my cervix still was not open even with all the pain and pressure I’ve been in they scheduled me for another ultrasound next Friday to check how big he is and to see if we may have to go another route we are set up and ready for baby Jace to come into this world just seems he’s taking his sweet time which is ok but I could deal without the contractions and pain

  7. Avatar of Tewanda Tewanda says:

    4 more weeks to go!

  8. Avatar of Sheena Sheena says:

    Second baby and it is a planned cesarean and this one was the odd ball. My first one was a breeze other than the emotions but with this one I have had the dat feet and hands lower back pain and I feel every inch of him move more now that he has dropped.

  9. Avatar of Evette Evette says:

    I am 36 weeks pregnant. I already have 3 girls and of course you can guess I finally got my boy. This pregnancy
    have been way more different than all the others. Feet and hand swelling constant pressure in my lower area, but that was way before I got in my later months..Oh I just had my baby shower huge turn out, awesome cake, gifts were nice.Bag still not packed but I’m ready to have this boy of mine…

  10. Avatar of Rosario Rosario says:

    This is My 6th baby so I’m ready for my baby to get here

  11. Avatar of Loren Loren says:

    I’m ready to have my body back, but not ready for the baby! I don’t have the crib up, my bag is not packed and mentally I still can’t believe I’m having another baby after 13 years! Lol!

  12. Avatar of Amanda Amanda says:

    36 weeks and 6 days along and so ready!

  13. Avatar of Beverly Beverly says:

    36 weeks and 2 days! lil peanut is due on july 5th… perhaps he’ll be a 4th of July baby :) all i can say is that i’m soooo ready to NOT be pregnant anymore…. it’s been one heck of a ride, but I’m ready to hold my 1st born. On the last leg of this pregnancy now!!

  14. Avatar of eva eva says:

    Wow it feels like it’s been forever but today I feel like in no time I’ll b with my boy thank god I’m so excited to be a mom!!! :)

  15. Avatar of Shyanna Shyanna says:

    We’ll we have 4 weeks left I’m so ready to meet My LilBoy and get my body back.. Lol

  16. Avatar of Judith Judith says:

    36 weeks pregnant :)

  17. Happy to reach my 36wks. Just counting days now to meet my boy !!!!!!!.

  18. Avatar of pualani pualani says:

    I’m at 36 weeks and I am at the point of readiness! I need her to come ASAP. My feet and ankles are swollen and my body is hurting. I can’t wait to see her!!!

  19. Avatar of Tonisha Tonisha says:

    Pregnant with my first baby!!! More excited as each week go by. Also a little nervous because I’ve never been through this before!!

  20. Avatar of Tonisha Tonisha says:

    Pregnant with my first baby girl (Ta’Liyah) I’m 36 weeks pregnant and so excited!!! Mommy due date is March 31st and I’m hoping that she comes before then. Lol although I’m very excited I’m also very tired of being pregnant!!! Lol 9 months seems like forever!!

  21. Avatar of Marilyn Marilyn says:

    I’m 36 weeks 4 days with my second child. My first was born at 38 weeks 5 days. So I’m guessing he will come around then too, I hope! lol I’m ready to meet our second little prince!

  22. Avatar of Malarie Malarie says:

    Only four more weeks left I am beyond excited an scared all at once!! This is my first pregnancy and it’s crazy knowing I’m about to feel one of the most painful experiences ever :( but I am also dying for my son to come into the world! Can anyone help me with good techniques for a smoother and a little less painful birth?

  23. Avatar of silvia silvia says:

    Aim not that gooood of english/ bit a can sayai’m nervous i like somuch the newborns ai’m sopossed 2be delivered con 2 19. Thank god.

  24. Avatar of Christina Christina says:

    OMG. Only 4 weeks left and I’m so excited to met my son. I hope these last few weeks go by fast!!

  25. Avatar of Lucinda Lucinda says:

    So uncomfortable cant sleep want my daughter to already be born I can’t wait til the 30th it’s too long .