My Pregnancy Week 35

Pregnancy Week 35

Your baby continues to grow and develop inside of you. She now measures about 18 inches long and might weigh about 6 lbs!

If you have been noticing that you need more bathroom breaks than usual, it may be due to the fact that your baby has “dropped.” As your due date grows near, your little one will settle deeper in your pelvis. This reduces pressure on your rib cage, allowing you more room to expand your diaphragm, but now there may be more pressure on your bladder.

By week 35, your baby’s kidneys are completely developed. His liver is also beginning to produce waste. In fact, a majority of his growth is already done. However, you should expect him to put on some more weight over the next few weeks. As space is at a premium, you may not feel as much tossing and turning inside of you, but you will definitely feel some healthy punches and kicks.

Your baby should be head down by week 35. If  she is still positioned with the feet down towards your pelvis (breech) or in a side-lying position, your doctor may offer you suggestions for trying to get your baby in the correct position. If your baby is unable to flip head-down, then a C-section will be discussed.



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My Pregnancy Week 35

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  1. Profile photo of Grace Grace says:

    today, 6-20, my doc said yesterday that my baby is measuring 36 and is 6lbs…. baby is definitely downfacing and on my bladder….. i pee sit up and have to pee again…

  2. Profile photo of mommy mommy says:

    tell me abt it !! daniel makes me through up off how much he moves

  3. Profile photo of mommy mommy says:

    its crazy how every one is having a boy this month
    well duh its boy season i guess even im having a boy!!!

  4. Profile photo of Grace Grace says:

    is that was the constant pain in my back is?

  5. Hello, my names amber and I’m a first time mother, My baby boy is due July 15th<3 Kinda nervous but very excited to see my little man finally!

  6. Profile photo of Sue Ann Sue Ann says:

    hi my name is sue i am 34 weeks pregnant im due july 23rd an im very nervous this is my first born. im having a baby boy but all in all i cant wait till he is here

  7. Profile photo of jULIA jULIA says:

    hahah I’m 34 weeks and 4 days too lol I’m very nervous but i no everythin will be alright .Our children will come oout beautiful nd healthy boys

  8. Profile photo of Ashlye Ashlye says:

    Im 34 weeks and 4 days now and my lil baby boy Daxton is due July 9th!! He is also my first child and each day that passes I get more excited and also MORE nervous about giving birth!! I know im not the only one thats nervous about labor and I wish all of you first time mothers the best of luck!!

  9. Profile photo of Narieta Narieta says:

    I’m 35 weeks now due on july 3rd, this is my first one. I’m so excited but sadly I don’t know yet what I’m having. He or she is kicking and punching me so hard that I sometimes almost cry

  10. Profile photo of My-My My-My says:

    me too! it sucks cuz my bathroom upstairs and im always downstairs on the couch!

  11. Profile photo of My-My My-My says:

    im 35 weeks now due June 30th… second child, another little girl! my beautiful girls!!!

  12. Profile photo of Reyna Reyna says:

    35 weeks Wednesday with baby #2… Due July 4th We are so anxious to have another beautiful little girl!

  13. Profile photo of McKenzie McKenzie says:

    I am so very anxious for my next baby to arrive!

  14. Profile photo of McKenzie McKenzie says:

    When I was this far along with my two kids I had to use the bathroom so much because they both dropped at this stage.

  15. Profile photo of kristen kristen says:

    <3 i love my baby girl.

  16. Profile photo of Debbie Debbie says:

    Back contractions:(:( any one else?

  17. Profile photo of raylene raylene says:

    my babygirl dont keep still when it comes to eating.. haha

  18. Profile photo of Dahina Dahina says:

    My bBygirl is kicking like crazy especially on my bladder ughh sucks. :/

  19. Profile photo of Gabriel Gabriel says:

    he kicks as if he is playing soccer with Messie…

  20. Profile photo of vanesa vanesa says:

    35 weeks preggo!!! lol so excited!!

  21. Profile photo of cvalle81 cvalle81 says:

    She kicks me all day long! 🙂

  22. Profile photo of Mommie2012 Mommie2012 says:

    I love this new website. The navigation is so much easier!