My Body – Pregnancy Week 34

Pregnancy Week 34

How are you feeling? Has your baby dropped yet? If you haven’t heard the term before, it refers to the process in which your baby’s head enters the birth canal to prepare for birth. For first-time mothers, look for this to happen about three weeks before delivery. If this isn’t your first time, your baby might not drop until the day before you deliver.

First-time moms – when your baby does drop, it will be noticeable! There will be a change in your abdomen. Your baby will be resting lower, which is great news for your lungs, but bad news for your bladder. You will be able to breathe easier, which might help you to get to the bathroom quicker, because your little one is now sitting on your bladder!

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My Body – Pregnancy Week 34

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  1. Avatar of swanta swanta says:

    For the past month I have been passing mucus one time it was bloody now I am having pressure down in my pelvis to where I can’t even move

  2. Avatar of Ambur Ambur says:

    Well, I carried my baby low the first time and never noticed baby dropping. This time I’m also carrying low. Little one is pretty deep in my pelvis. So you may not notice baby dropping if you carry low like I do.

  3. Avatar of Julia Davis Julia Davis says:

    I’m suppose to be 34 weeks but lil man measuring 37. He has been drop his head is putting a lot of pressure on me down there. I’m so ready for him to come out now.

  4. I felt like he dropped the other day and I was non stop running to the bathroom, but I can still feel him up in my ribs? Could it be that he is just that long or he is just wiggling around in there?

  5. Avatar of jollean jollean says:

    well my little one is still sitting breech on my next apt my dr is going to talk about the process of turning him

  6. haven’t dropped yet and 34w1d

  7. Avatar of Marilyn Marilyn says:

    He’s running out of room in there lol

  8. Avatar of Jaclyn Jaclyn says:

    thats funny he goes all over there will be times in the day where i litterally feel him right at the top of my vagina and others where i can barley breath and hes in my ribs…been like this since before i could feel him

  9. Avatar of Marina Marina says:

    Don’t think he dropped yet

  10. ugh, I pee enough as it is.

  11. Avatar of ketta ketta says:

    iam 8 months in my baby has drop already in this is baby number 3 for me

  12. Avatar of ketta ketta says:

    iam 8 months in my baby has drop already in this is baby number 3 for me

  13. I feel the pressure and this is my second baby but I still don’t know how it feels when the baby drops

  14. Yep. I am a first time mom and baby dropped at 7months. No relief for my lungs though cause I have a small stature and he has long legs.

  15. Avatar of Adilene Adilene says:

    Yes I feel it and it’s a lot of pressure too

  16. Avatar of xurai xurai says:

    almost there!