My Pregnancy Week 33

Pregnancy Week 33

Your baby continues to grow and develop inside of you. Measuring about 17 inches long, he weighs around 5lbs. And from this week, until two weeks before birth, he will gain about a half-pound of weight every week.

The bones in her skull are formed, but aren’t fused. They actually don’t fuse entirely until early adulthood, allowing room for her brain to grow throughout childhood. Because they aren’t fused, the bones in her skull will be able to overlap, helping her to fit through the birth canal during delivery.



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My Pregnancy Week 33

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  1. awesome im having a boy

  2. awessome stuff going on in my belly….i cant wait to hold u in my arms
    and since the doctors think i look 3 more weeks than i am which would make me 36weeks maybe ill be holding u sooner than i thought …..

  3. Profile photo of Julie Julie says:

    i am currently 33 weeks as of yesterday and no dropping has happened and i have kind of felt the nesting thing but not a whole lot. it was super hot yesterday and it is again today. its hard to beat the heat but i am doing my best because i am home with two kids 6 yr old girl and 2 yr old boy it makes it hard when we cant go to the beach because my boyfriend works so many hours and all and we have not found the second car yet i am hoping we will soon so i am not stuck inside all the time. well i am hoping you all have great pregnancies and stay cool in the heat .. congrats to all of you. oh and i am having a baby girl in case anyone was wondering.

  4. Profile photo of Julie Julie says:

    i hear that it was about a month after we found out i was pregnant in January that my boyfriend got a job and now he is luck to have a day off nevermind weekends like most people and i brought in two kids to the relationship with me and he cares and takes care of them like they are his own but working so much leaves me to do so much more than id like to be doing at this point. i have had my ups and downs but when he leaves between 7-8 a.m. and doesnt come home until between 7-8 p.m. then the family doesnt get to spend much time with him and when he does have a day off he just wants to sleep the day away.. i wish i knew there was a way to change how he does or acts about days off and i wish he had more time to spend with his family. best of luck to you.

  5. Profile photo of mommy mommy says:

    acctually dnt wrrie i get the same too
    its all normal dnt stress out !

  6. Profile photo of mommy mommy says:

    thats how my baby is now!!
    im soo happy:)

  7. Profile photo of Grace Grace says:

    baby growing… 33 weeeks….

  8. Profile photo of Sasoo Sasoo says:

    Nesting like crazy!!!

  9. This is funny, I spent 6 hours yesterday cleaning my house from top to bottom. I have been working on the babies room for a couple weeks now, and everything is coming together. I’m just wishing I didn’t have to do everything alone, my husband works A LOT.

  10. Profile photo of megan megan says:

    I’m in the same boat. I work in a doctors office and a few of the providers have even mentioned that i am finally starting to look pregnant. One of the doctors is an OB and he said every women holds their babies slightly different. My little one is measuring right on time. He said not to worry, especially with it being my first baby.

  11. Profile photo of McKenzie McKenzie says:

    That is so cool.

  12. Profile photo of Cecilia Cecilia says:

    Rickielynn, I know exactly how you feel. This is my second child and I’m 33 weeks today 5/22. Everyone says my belly is really small for this far along, but I personally feel huge. I lost a lot of weight after my daughter was born in 9/06, like 150lbs. So to me I feel HUGE. I would love for people to notice and ask how far along etc. With my daughter I was really big so you really could not notice at all. But this time you can see a belly and people still dont notice. Ive learned to deal with it although I would love for people to ask My family dont even notice although they know Im expecting. Good Luck with your pregnancy, and a easy delivery.

  13. Profile photo of tink011108 tink011108 says:

    i was very small at this time when i was prego with my first. My belly button didnt poke out at all during that pregnancy. Is this your first pregnancy?

  14. Profile photo of Reyna Reyna says:

    33 weeks with baby #2 and the baby has dropped as of yesterday.. YAY so hard to believe we are finally getting closer to having our baby here!
    I have been nesting but unfortunitly now I can barely walk… so not much is getting done 🙁

  15. Profile photo of Rhias Rhias says:

    I’m the exact same. I don’t have any stretch marks yet, either. Everyone keeps telling me that I’m going to blow up like a balloon the last month. :/

  16. Profile photo of Violet Violet says:

    I get the same response from people. I was losing weight at the begging and I am barely starting to see the weight gain. Every time I went for an ultra sound they would tell me my baby was very active and I can feel him kick and move all day my check ups are normal I’m healthy and so is my baby. Every body is different so don’t be scared if you look smaller than "normal"

  17. Profile photo of RobinButt RobinButt says:

    I know how you feel i am 33 wks and my belly is small it looks like i have a basketball under my shirt and i am having a girl

  18. Profile photo of Colleen Colleen says:

    Everyone told me i didn’t look as far along as i was when i was pregnant too.. i hated it!! I also worried that my daughter would be small but the doctor reassured me and she was a healthy 7 pounds!

  19. Profile photo of chizoba chizoba says:

    In what week do i suppose to take calcium lactate tablet?

  20. Profile photo of Rickielynn Rickielynn says:

    I just became 33 weeks and everyone says I’m small for a pregnant woman. It sucks because I’d love for people to ask how far a long I am and stuff 🙁 my belly button has yet to even poke out. My doctor says my son is normal size but my tummy shows otherwise. Anyone else have this issue?

  21. Profile photo of Lacey Lacey says:

    I’m 33 weeks and I just want to get this baby out before it gets too hot and before he grows too big. I don’t want to push out a big baby!

  22. Profile photo of Mandi8474 Mandi8474 says:

    I am 34 weeks tomorrow, and my nesting urge has been there for a few weeks now. I have absolutely everything, and I am not waiting for my closet to be redone so I can get everything settled. I am soooo anxious to get everything out of the boxes and put together, but until my closet is complete it just sits there with me staring at it! It’s starting to drive me crazy!

  23. Profile photo of Haltertop Haltertop says:

    I would love to have the nesting urge, but I have yet to buy enough, and my baby shower is still a few weeks away so there is nothing to prepare! Although I did do a random deep cleaning at work the other week and couldnt help myself. Maybe an early urge?

  24. Profile photo of hippie2783 hippie2783 says:

    im 34 weeks tom. and still not feeling tht nesting urge yet!

  25. Profile photo of AIESHIA AIESHIA says:

    omg im goin to get that big…..lord help me