My Pregnancy Week 25

Pregnancy Week 25

Your baby continues to grow and develop inside of you. Measuring about 13 inches long, he weighs approximately 1 1/2 lbs. In the coming weeks, your baby will continue to grow and mature at a fast rate, gaining some baby fat and filling out his long, lean frame.

As she gains weight, her skin begins to become less wrinkled and she begins to look more, and more like a newborn. Also, her skin is finally gaining some color. Her hands are fully developed by this week, fingerprints and all! And at 25 weeks, the structure of the spine is beginning to form (33 rings, 150 joints, and 1000 ligaments)!

What do you think? My Pregnancy Week 25

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  1. Avatar of Nadege Nadege says:

    25 weeks and 1 day. Can’t wait to meet my little man. My belly is a soccer field, little man is kicking like there’s no tomorrow…lol. we don’t sleep much, but we’ll be ok.

  2. Avatar of Juliet Juliet says:

    I am happy for the journey so far. Can’t wait to hold my little angel. We’re doing fine.

  3. Avatar of Nancy Nancy says:

    So happy that I’m on my 25th weeks of my pregnancy today and enjoying every bit of it :)

  4. Avatar of Nancy Nancy says:

    So happy that I’m on my 25th weeks of my pregnancy today and enjoying the ride :)

  5. Avatar of adela adela says:

    Im so very thankful to be 25 weeks today !! I wasnt as lucky my last two pregnancies that ended around 23&21 weeks both boys. This time i was blessed with another baby boy!:) im going to have the chance to be a mother(,:

  6. Avatar of Dani Dani says:

    My baby is moving so much!!! It’s so amazing.

  7. I’m so excited. Glad to be at 25 weeks!

  8. Avatar of Kristin Kristin says:

    More than half way there….I cant believe it!! I am feeling my baby kicking now and she jumps when something startles her. lol

  9. Avatar of Keisha Keisha says:

    25 Weeks. It’s going by so fast. I can’t wait to hold my beautiful baby girl. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time.

  10. Avatar of renee renee says:

    25 weeks alot of crampn or contractions im nt sure

  11. Avatar of siera siera says:

    Yes I am 25 weeks 2day n I am so happy my fiance and I cant wait for our first baby to be born..our first baby is a blessing considering the fact that the doctors said I couldnt have kids…imma keep praying….

  12. i am 25 weeks and i am haing a great pregancy here latly my belly botton hurts so bad it is so sesetie i was wondering if any one else is hae the same problem or hae had this problem how can you ease it while your belly botton poping out?

    • Avatar of Melanie DenneyEditor Melanie Denney says:

      Bellybutton pain is normal; your muscles and tendons are stretching, causing some level of discomfort of pain. It should go away in time, though. I’d mention it to your doctor, just in case. Best wishes to you!

  13. Avatar of Michelle Michelle says:

    I’m 25 weeks pregnant in 2 days everything is going well, can’t wait to meet my child in May

  14. cant beliee i am 25 weeks today its going by so fast. there is so much to do im hopeing we get the house done so we can moe into it before april. so please keep us in your prayes as we get ready for our second baby. and hope he doesnt come on his sisters bday. cant beliee autumns bday may 21 and his due date may 22

  15. Avatar of Myoma Myoma says:

    Can’t believe I am 25 weeks already.. well tomorrow I am … love the everyday family videos.. Will go for the 3D scan and cannot weight to the face of my baby:)

  16. Avatar of iris iris says:

    Im super excited about my baby girl coming out and coming home already, I cant wait to start preparing her side of the room this is so much fun.

  17. Avatar of sheenaholman sheenaholman says:

    I cant believe how fast they grow (even though it feels like forever).

  18. Avatar of Marilyn Marilyn says:

    25 weeks today! This pregnancy seems to be going by so fast! I’m so excited to be having another little boy!

  19. Avatar of Ady Ady says:

    25 Weeks and counting! thanking God for my baby boy and husband.

  20. Avatar of Tameka Tameka says:

    So happy that I turn 25weeks today, because my water broke last week at 24weeks and Were still hanging in there, everyday counts, have to stay in the hospital until the baby is born but I’m willing to do whatever it takes for my baby boy…

  21. 25 weeks in 2 days its gone by so fast I’m starting to feel overwhelmed.

  22. Avatar of nicole tyus nicole tyus says:

    25 weeks tomorrow and I’m still so little. I can’t get past the sickness :(

    • Avatar of lexy lexy says:

      I am also 25 weeks and very small. The doctor said everything was fine every person is different in no time you will probaly start to gain weight fast. And ask the doctor to give you something for the sickness i am on zantac and phenergan it eases it alot

  23. Avatar of Terrie Terrie says:

    25 weeks today! I am so happy and so excited, January 31 2014 can’t come fast enough to meet my new little man!

  24. Avatar of Amber Amber says:

    25wks and 2 days, January needs to come already so we can meet our son!!!!

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