My Pregnancy Week 21

Pregnancy Week 21

Your baby continues to grow and develop inside of you. He now measures approximately 7 inches long, and can weigh up to 13 ounces. In the coming weeks, your baby will continue to grow and mature at a fast rate. The hair on his scalp is more visible, and by week 21 he has probably developed eyelashes and eyebrows,

She is waking and sleeping in regular intervals, which you may be able to tell from her movements. She is also swallowing amniotic fluid to help her digestive system mature for life in the “outside world.” Her intestines also start slowly relaxing and contracting this week.

Notice any small, repetitive movements in your abdomen? It may be his first case of the hiccups! Usually, these movements occur for a few minutes at a time. As your baby grows larger, these movements will feel stronger. And remember, all babies are different; some hiccup multiple times a day, while others will do it only once in awhile.

If you are having multiples, the babies are kicking each other as they move around, but don’t worry! They are well protected by the membrane separating them, which is very elastic.



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My Pregnancy Week 21

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  1. Profile photo of crystal crystal says:

    I haven’t felt anything. I’m worried

  2. Profile photo of McKenzie McKenzie says:

    I find out if I am having a girl or boy tomorrow I am so excited!!!

  3. Profile photo of McKenzie McKenzie says:

    my baby is growing fast.

  4. Profile photo of McKenzie McKenzie says:

    I am so very excited!

  5. Profile photo of melissa melissa says:

    such an exciting time!

  6. Profile photo of McKenzie McKenzie says:

    Yay I made it to 21 weeks, I have been feeling so much movement.

  7. Profile photo of stasia3833 stasia3833 says:

    I can feel my babies kicking at each other, but I know they love each other because they were hugging in the ultrasound last week. Boy/Girl twins!

  8. Profile photo of Catherine Catherine says:

    I am having a Boy 🙂

  9. Profile photo of SammysMOMMY SammysMOMMY says:

    Congrats. I found out that I’m having a boy!

  10. Profile photo of SammysMOMMY SammysMOMMY says:

    yeah the movements are reassuring!

  11. Profile photo of Megan Megan says:

    found out a couple wks ago were having a girl 🙂

  12. Profile photo of McKenzie McKenzie says:

    I find out what I am having soon.

  13. Profile photo of Misty Misty says:

    we found out Monday we are having a girl

  14. Profile photo of McKenzie McKenzie says:

    I did not know they will start to hiccup inside of you lol that’s neat must feel weird.

  15. Profile photo of Shanon Shanon says:

    I feel kicks all the time but no hiccups yet

  16. My boy does not stop moving,I love it just worried when he gets bigger lol as much as he kicks seems like it will hurt if hes bigger

  17. Profile photo of Amy Amy says:

    My little girl moves all the time…especially after I eat:)

  18. Profile photo of Milers91 Milers91 says:

    I’m only 14 weeks and I have felt my baby move a couple of times! CRAZY

  19. Profile photo of Ilovemybabys Ilovemybabys says:

    I’m feeling hiccups right now and my baby kicks every hour

  20. Profile photo of baby baby says:

    yea. so have i

  21. Profile photo of Kimberly Kimberly says:

    my baby has been moving since week 13, which is hard to believe! but i haven’t felt hiccups yet 🙂

  22. Profile photo of Pamela Pamela says:

    I have only felt kicking so far. I have noticed that there is becoming a pattern to her sleeping.

  23. Profile photo of lilmammamel lilmammamel says:

    i don’t feel hiccups, but i have been getting them throughout my pregnancy.

  24. Profile photo of kamster20 kamster20 says:

    I dont really feel the hiccups just the kicking so far 🙂

  25. Profile photo of Mary Mullard Mary Mullard says:

    i think i felt the hiccups =)